15 February 2012

Post V-Day toy shopping and HK Market Watch

It's the day after V-day, but actually this post has no co-relation to V-day, heh.

My buddy from Singapore told me that he's now into the early year G1 Autobot cars, he'd only 'just' realised how awesome they were. Well, better late than never!

He requested that I try to hunt down some for him and didn't mind that they were reissues. Vintage would be difficult, but reissues is pretty easy to find in HK. So off I went to look for stuff.

In a day, I found the following...

From ToyZone16 a TFC reissue Prowl and a eHobby exclusive blackhooded 'Silverstreak', both MISB

From Sino Centre, Encore reissue Trailbreaker and Hoist

Later that night, I went toy hunting with UM from the Oz Boards and managed to snag myself 2 Junkheaps at an okay price - HKD$178 each. I want to army build these, so the cheaper the better.

This is a shot of all the acquisitions.


HK Market Watch

As many would know, TFC's Hercules (not Devastator) is now fully released. UM and I snapped a quick shot of the giant monstrosity at one of the shops.

Personally, I'm still not interested to fork out the cash for this piece and am adopting a wait and see attitude until the MakeToys Giant is out.


  1. Oh my blackhood silverstreak! Nice!

    About Hercules, think they did pull a good one making an add on to make Hercules have a somewhat G1 aesthetic.


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