02 June 2011

Welcome (Goodbye) Megatron, goodbye mission!

I am delighted today.

I managed to obtain a minty, unused, Goodbye Megatron giftset for my buddy today, after months and months of searching.

I am very delighted today.

I obtained my own Goodbye Megatron giftset in December last year and it was a momentous occasion for me. One of my collecting buddies, who is a huge Starscream fan saw the set and really liked it. He requested that I help him find a set.

In the following month, I saw another set on sale at the same shop that I bought mine at. Sadly, it has been reserved and pre-sold. Then, no more appeared in HK. There was none anywhere.

I went to Tokyo in February 2011. I did see many Goodbye Megatrons at all the different Mandarakes, including the Hokkaido Mandarake, but many were incomplete and still selling for ¥40,000+. That's just nuts, for incomplete junked up sets that didn't even have the exclusive poster.

There was this set at Mandarake Hokkaido that was going for ¥69,800, was very pristine, but I though was a tab bit too expensive - especially with the Yen being so high.

From February till late April, still no luck. 

In early May, the shop I originally bought my Goodbye Megatron from had a set in. The box was tattered and the paperworks incomplete; stickers have been applied and have wear; the foam was in bad condition. The asking price was an unattractive HKD$7,800. 

No-bloody-way. My buddy was kind of keen and would have gone for it, but I thought, no, it's not a set I'd buy for myself, and I don't think its good enough at that price point. So I had to let it slide.

In late May, I went on a trip to Osaka organised and arranged by the most wonderful person in the world, E. I was there hunting the ever elusive dino-casettes (ie: C-121, 122, 123 and 124). Of course, I looked out for Goodbye Megatron. Still no luck. All the toy shops in Den Den Town and the 2 Mandarakes in Osaka didn't have a whiff of Goodbye Megatron.

So, no Goodbye Megatron, until today. 

Today I met another buddy, James, to go toy hunting as we usually do (and he gave me my 2 DOTM Powerglides and Generations Warpath!). 

I went to this shop that specialises in Diaclone because I was looking for a P****ed *X for another collector friend from TFW 2005.

I talked to the shop owner who I had known since 2009. He said, "hey, you know Transformers right? How much do you think I can sell a Goodbye Megatron set for?"

My eyes opened wide and I said "Do you have one? In what condition?"

"It's very new, it's unused and the paperworks are all still in their original packing. I'm think of selling it for HKD$****. What do you think?"

Being sneaky, I said "Hey, that's a bit steep. But let me have a look."

Long story short, I had a look and was blown away by the contents. I don't believe I have ever seen a Goodbye Megatron in anyone's collection that has unused accessories and paperworks still in their packets - this-is-how-the-set-originally came! It's like a page off the history books. In fact, its historic!

After some horse trading and bargaining, I walked away with the set, firmly in hand, and very delighted that I'm welcoming Goodbye Megatron, but waving goodbye to my mission, which I had accomplished.

~ HD

PS: Here are some pictures....

My buddy's set on the left, my set on the right

Fresh and unused paperworks. All of Starscream's paperworks and accessories have never been opened!

A small but important piece of paperwork - the exclusive "goodbye" coupon that only came with either the Goodbye Megatron giftset or Goodbye Convoy giftset.


  1. Thank you so much!!! Finally....GOODBYE MEGATRoN!!!

  2. You're welcome, bro. I'm very happy!

  3. You really are a Gentleman Heroic, congratulations to both Fay and Yourself - Time and patience has definitely paid off here. ;)

  4. Thanks Hursti. It was a long road to getting this. There is just a lot of competition here in HK for this and many a time, either people beat me to the punch or pieces that were sub-standard turned up.


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