09 June 2011

A blue sneak preview...

Sneak preview...

(photo by E)


  1. Thanks guys, more photos to come soon (fingers crossed that I get the time this weekend!)

  2. Being a relatively new collector myself, every time I read your blog, my understanding pertaining G1 and rarity is broadened. The side effect is that I strive for more quality in my own collecting, and not easily satisfied anymore.

    One of the first articles I read from you was about the mystery of the blue-bluestreak dilemma in G1. Very magical box-art.

    I feel vicariously happy, through you obtaining this grail. Truly an epic acquisition HD.

    (Still waiting for your write-up with pics + part 2 of Marlboor Wheeljack) :D

  3. @gdmetro: thanks for the kind words man! I myself am learning about new rarities all the time, in fact there's so much to learn. I recently learned that the blue Bluestreak is actually not the top rarest diaclone pre TF, that spot is reserved for another 2-3 other pieces!

    I'm slowly getting to the Marlboor part 2, sorry to be keeping you waiting! (it's just been too too busy here) =)


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