29 June 2011

I am watching Dark of the Moon in 3 hours

Ho hum.

I am watching Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon in 3-D IMAX in 3 hours' time.

That's a mouth full of 3s.

Ho hum.


  1. Just one word - "meh"

    Be that as it may, I'm actually going to watch it again with E tomorrow cos she missed it on opening night.

  2. LOL. I thought it was quite meh too. Some unexpected highlights include: "my daddy handed down those clients to me". For some reason that just tickled my funny bone. Why can't they provide a villain that's not such a loser?

    I am sure many people will be surprised, but the only character that I was rooting for was .... Sentinel Prime. Out of the Autobots, he's the most concerned about Cybertron, whereas the rest of the Autobots seem to be like Cybertron, what's that, how can that compare to the hot chicks and cool cars we have on earth?

  3. @ Roger: I think the movie was a mess. There were a lot of cool mecha designs, I'll give it that, but the script was just non-existent. There weren't even funny throw-away lines like the first movie had. Spike's dad and mum devolved into new lows (something I didn't think possible after ROTF).

    The one thing that I didn't miss (and wasn't in DOTM) are anatomical references to robots - ie: BB pissing, Devastator's balls.

    I wished they developed Shockwave a bit more and explained how Laserbeak could transform into so many different things...

  4. BTW, I'm watching DOTM again today with E because she missed it due to work the last time! =)


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