26 June 2011

HK Market Watch - C-114 and 2 pieces of C-311... Fortress Maximii

I wandered past my usual G1 toy shop today and what a shocker to see what they have in stock.

C-114: Fortress Maximus and 2 pieces of C-311: Grand Maximus, all looking like they are in at least C8  condition and very pristine (on the face of the boxes).

Man, this is crazy.

What is crazier is that the shop owner told me that the 2 pieces of C-311 are meant to be sold as a set, together! 



What's nuttier is that he's asking for only slightly above half of what these gems usually go for on eBay (and I'll bet the ones on eBay are in worse condition than these).

Since I already have multiple pieces of this mold, I wasn't too interested to look inside. But knowing the reputation of this shop, I'd expect that the contents are also top-notch.

There were other things like a MISB individual boxed Abomunis set, vintage Predaking giftset, Goodbye Megatron giftset, 2 sets of C-347, 348, 349 unused (ie: Big Powered), etc, etc.

PS: I know the shop-owner very well and did have permission to snap those pictures. =)

PPS: Before anyone asks, no, I will not pick up a Maximus for you. Reason is, its too large, I don't have space and I have no idea how to ship something this large overseas. Sorry.


  1. Darned, I want that Grand Maximus!!! Just my luck, I am planning another trip to Hong Kong this December barring scoring a job there within the next 2 months, but some lucky monkey will probably score them first.

  2. It's good that you posted that you won't be picking these guys for anybody as it's more of a pain in the ass than it's worth.

  3. Would love to know some of the other prices HD, specifically Abominus.

    Also, which shop? Is there a reason you don't say?

  4. The Grand Maximii set look very impressive! It's very odd that the owner said they are "meant" to be sold as a set as I doubt many people need 2, especially of such a large and expensive toy unless they want to keep one in box and one for display or to sell the other one.

  5. I'd love to know how much that Japanese Starscream is, I've wanted one for ages. Is that MIB or MISB?

  6. Hope it's the original and not a reissue, reissues are easy, original japanese starscreams are many times harder!!!!!!!

  7. @ Roger: Good luck with it. I know that there are people in HK already gunning for these... No idea whether they are still there.

    @ Hotspot: You are right. I am not trying to be evil by not helping, but I look at the since of these things and I'm really at a loss how I've ever going to ship one (and if the post office will even accept it).

    @Jay: No reason I didn't say. Most of the readers know where my 'usual G1 shop'. And it'd be strange for me to say "I saw these at Shop XXX, on the second floor of Inn's Point which is somewhere on Nathan Road in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong". Anyway, I don't even remember the shop number!

    @ vf1: Yup, its strange. But like I said, if I didn't have them and if my wife didn't specifically (but reasonably) prohibit buying any Transformer that big, I'd probably have bought them just for the heck of it.

    @ Dante: Not sure about the SS. I can check for you when I am next there, but I have a strong suspicion that its a reissue.

  8. Cool. In's Point was my favorite too:


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