11 June 2011

Silver(Blue)streak and C-345 + C-346

After recently obtaining a blue Bluestreak, I decided to add to the 'Streak family.

I know there is this shop in Causeway Bay that has a eHobby exclusive chrome silver Silverstreak MISB. It has been there for the longest time. So I headed to the shop with the intention of getting this new addition to the 'Streak family (which I didn't buy in 2002 because there were just too many reissues during that time and I was sick of all the fancy repaints especially after the 'golden lagoon' Jazz was released).

Got the eHobby chrome Silverstreak and to my surprise, I saw other things there that was interesting.

They has the 2 Zone Micromaster bases that were quite rare and difficult to find, MIB, complete, case fresh insides, and unused paperworks package! Wow.

Bought them too.

  1. eHobby Streak (silver plated version) MISB
  2. C-345: Landshaker MIB, unused contents and paperworks
  3. C-346: Sky-Hyper MIB, unused contents and paperworks
Note to BOTCH: I can now supply the Sky-Hyper box art!


  1. I want Sky-Hyper so bad! Congrats on a great purchase!

  2. hi Colbey, for some reason, Sky Hyper is quite difficult to find, and also quite difficult to find bone-white, unyellowed... I might be holding on to this for a while... heh... =)

  3. Nice! And I envy the blue Bluestreak as well (of course).

  4. Thanks Botch! The full Bluestreak story is now up!


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