30 June 2011

Thursday night shopping...

Tomorrow is a public holiday here in HK.

Decided to do some shopping after work today. Went to the Causeway Bay comic shops... I needed my dose of Superman/Batman, its been too long.

Managed to pick up some very nice things...

  1. Superman/Batman: Big Noise
  2. Superman/Batman: Worship
  3. Transformers: Vault (slipcase edition)
  4. Diamond Select Juggernaut figure
Man, I just love the Juggernaut design. Liked this guy ever since I read Amazing Spider-Man #229 and #230 when I was young. They knew how to write stories back then.

I think this is more the size that Juggernaut should be. This figure is a lot bigger and taller and heavier than the Marvel Legends Juggernaut that E bought for me (here and here).

Close up shot.


  1. Whilst I'm not going to disgrace your blog with my thoughts on Superman, as I don't want to offend you either, Batman is awesome HD and so is that incredibly cool Juggernaught figure - Easily one of the best characters and one of my faves from the 90s Cartoon show! :D

  2. hey Hursti, yup, many people have reservations about Superman. I grew up reading Superman comics and watching the Christopher Reeve movies, so its a character I like a lot. But won't begrudge someone else their point of view. heh.

    If you would give it a shot, that Superman/ Batman series really sets itself out from other series' that features this 2 iconic characters, especially the early story arcs that were written by Jeph Loeb. The way he makes the characters interact is just sublime and exceptional.

    Juggernaut is a pretty 1 dimensional character, but its cool because its simple. hahaha


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