02 July 2011

HK Market Watch - 玩具迷珍藏 Show (aka Toy Collectors' Show)

After all the excitement of the Wimbledon Men's Semi-Finals last night, E and I actually managed to wake up quite early today.

I broached the subject of maybe going to the 玩具迷珍藏 Show (aka Toy Collectors' Show) in HK that I saw a poster on a few days back.


Never heard of it before. No idea what it is. No idea what to expect.

But I thought, worth a shot since its one of the rare occasions where we are both free and do not have to do work over the weekend.

It was at a far-away place and involves changing trains twice and then switching over to a shuttle-bus before we could get there.

Right at the entrance of the place, E said to me: "Before we go in, you must moderate your expectations. Don't expect too much, if not you might be disappointed."

Words to live by. Heh.

So in I went....

Lots of DOTM stuff

There was actually a room full of sellers from Japan (they were all speaking Japanese)

I really did not see much of interest. I'm pretty sure this was because people got in early and have already cleaned out all the good stuff. I see lots of people walking around with things in bags that I know I would have bought. For example, this guy picked all a huge lot of loose Henkeis (complete with backing card and everything except each toy's bubble) from this shop, which I know would have been cheap judging by the other pieces at the shop. Notably, Ironhide and Ratchet were in the lot.

I did, however, manage to pick up 2 things and E picked up one thing.

E's acquisition first - very interesting set of stackable pigs (there were other designs, but I agreed with E that this was the most interesting!)

My first pick up - MOSC Terradive (pretty sweet condition)

My second pick up. This just blew me away and made the entire trip more than worthwhile.

I picked up a complete set of Japanese exclusive Suntory Coffee "BOSS Transformers", all sealed, unused and at bargain basement prices.

No idea what these are? I didn't either, until I saw Bermuda Mohawk's site which talks about them in detail. Check it out here - Transformers BOSS - Original G1 Figures

Won't go into them in too much detail here, but the inside looks like this:

Took a wander around Telford Plaza after all the excitement and bumped into a life sized Iron-Man!

... and a very nice Marvel Heros backdrop...

This shop also sells Transformer goodies...

Then, as if all that excitement was not enough, E suggested that we should go to Mong Kok for a toy raid. I said 'why not!' of course.

So we went and there, found something that tops the entire day off... (wait for next post, since this one is getting too long). Heh


  1. Hmm...
    That fair sounds like it was very akin to the Parramatta fair, in many ways...

    One big difference though is the sheer amount of Mecha! :O

    So many cool things in those pictures and it's a shame that, like Parra, all the best things are gone within 5 mins of the doors opening but at least yourself and E didn't come away empty handed. ;)

    Those stackable pigs of E's are definitely odd but certainly have a charm about them, those mini TF figs, G2 Terradive and other assorted TF goodies of yours are also quite cool - Especially the mini figs as they are extremely G1 Cartoon Model accurate! :O

  2. I would say, its very similar to Parramatta Fair except that the ware on sale are actually pretty decent. At Parra Fair, about 50% of the stuff there are pretty near junker condition but asking for mint condition prices.

    HK is a very tight market, in terms of information traveling really fast and people always being on the hunt. Even if I had gotten there when its open, I might not have gotten all the best deals. There are Mainlanders that hunt in packs and have permanent representatives here to hunt stuff for them - to them, its a job. To me, its a hobby. So, just can't beat them.

    E's pigs are interesting, yes. Heh. She's yet to open them, but I'm sure they will be fun.

    G2 Terradive is probably something I will sell in the not too distant future. I bought him more because I didn't want to go home empty handed (at first).

  3. It was at a far-away place and involves changing trains twice and then switching over to a shuttle-bus before we could get there. Watch Collector


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