04 May 2011

Pre-Transformers MC-05: "Reflector" giftset MIB

On the back of acquiring the very awesome Perfect Effect release of "Reflector", I thought I should publish this gem, which I obtained some months ago but did not post anywhere (you see, I had to grow back the arm that it cost me to buy this before I could type).

Introducing, the Pre-Transformers release of what would become the USA mail-away exclusive Reflector - MC-05 giftset. I'm just calling it a giftset because it contains more than one toy and is a team. That, and it sounds impressive. I have no idea whether each Reflector robot was released separately by Takara back in the day, but highly doubt it.

MC-05: Reflector giftset MIB

Individual specs. The robots were named "Micro Shutter", "Micro Finder" and "Micro Winder".

Close up of the camera box art - my buddy Botch would love this!
Notice that it says "Takara 1974" at the bottom. This toy is older than me...
*edit* Thanks to Microbry for pointing out that whilst the toy is stamped "1974", that was actually not the date of release for simply the date that Takara copyrighted Microman (which because MicroChange). Accordingly to Micro Forever.com, MC-05 was released around 1983.

Back of box

Robot 'box art' at the back of box. This was subsequently used as the box art for the Japanese boxed release of (D)21- Reflector in Japan. You can see it in its full glory over at Botch's Box Art Archive here.

X-ray view inside the camera and its mechanisms. They really knew how to do box art and packaging back then.

Feature of each robot

Out of box - for their age, these pieces are as minty as the day they rolled off the assembly line.

A comparison shot between MC-05 Reflector and the USA mail-away release of Reflector. Without going into detail here, I have to say that there are some pretty major molding differences between these releases.


  1. Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

    I am in awe of how minty this set is, but what floors me is how pristine the box/foam is!!!

    It looks like you just went down to the shop and bought it fresh...

    I shudder to think how much your "arm" costs :)

  2. A common understandable misconception--the copyright refers to when Takara first copyrighted Microman itself, not the individual toy. They didn't switch to yearly copyright updates until after partnering with Hasbro. MicroChange ran from 1983-1984, and I believe this set is from 1983.

  3. @ gdmetro: I really like this set. Even the toys are very minty and appears untouched. It's been hard to 'shudder' without an arm. heh. =)

    @ microby: Thanks for the information. Very useful. I have edited my post. Cheers!

  4. Oh wow dude, they are indeed Jaw Drop-ingly Gorgeous! :O
    How you managed to find that set is beyond me and is no doubt, to the envy of many a collector but what is most astounding is that you've now got a complete mint set of both Pre and Post Transformers branded figures! :O

    Congratulations Heroic, well done!

    I, like Gdmetro, shudder to think how much of an Arm this would've cost you considering I have an informed belief that it would be worth more than most Mortal's. :P

  5. These have tremendous aesthetic appeal to me, and the condition of the packaging is like a breath of fresh air, whatever you paid was worth it. Very nice set indeed.

  6. @ Hursti and Chris: Thanks for the kind words. I am indeed very happy with this set. A slight pity that it does not come with paperworks. Agree with the Chris that like most early year G1s, this set does have tremendous aesthetic appeal to me as well!

  7. I bow down to your awesome acquisition once again, H_D! Jelly! ;)

  8. Hey, I just purchased a Japanese Reflector set (Takara/Hasbro '83) complete with styrofoam, unused stickers, original Japanese instruction manual and all accessories (someone had snapped off one missile from the set of 3). The box is in poor condition but the toys itself are practically mint. The missile launcher even has the spring that American versions seem to lack. Any idea on what it's worth? I grew up watching transformers and I'm also a photographer so I'm in love with this gem.


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