22 May 2011

Osaka Day 2 - Mandarake Umeda, redux Hero Gangu, Entertainment Zone Jungle and G-One Capsule

Wanted to visit Osaka Castle this morning.

However, the weather was bad. It was pouring heavily when I walked out of the hotel. So I went straight into the 7-11 and bought an umbrella. Came out, and the rain has stopped! What in the bizzare?!? The sky was bleak like a sad winter grump, so I decided that going to the Castle was going to be futile. Even if I could get there, I wouldnt be much to see in the bad weather.

Went for pancakes breakfast and then went to Umeda, then to Ikeba. Ikeba was interesting. I got something very special there for E.

Mandarake Umeda was ok. There were 1.5 glass cases of vintage G1 Transformers. I managed to pick up a couple of items for buddy collectors (photos below) -
  1. MT-02 MIB unused
  2. MT-06 MIB unused
  3. C-313: Overbite MIB unused
  4. G2 Go-bots Optimus Prime MOSC (Jap card, with special gift attached)
  5. G2 Go-bots Megatron MOSC (Jap card, with special gift attached)
  6. G2 Go-bots Soundwave MOSC (Jap card, with special gift attached)
Well, nothing for myself today, except, the pancakes breakfast!

I was back to Den Den Town area in the evening and walked around the same shops I visited yesterday. I saw all 6 Japanese exclusive Headmaster heads at this particular shop. Since all I had were these, I thought that I should "upgrade" them to the genuine articles. I checked them, and lo-and-behold, there were no Takara stamps on these!

This shop (not going to mention name) was selling repro Headmaster heads thinking they were the real thing!!! At the following prices, they must believe (and have confirmed this belief verbally) that they were genuine - Shuffler (31,500 yen), Lione (12,500 yen), Trizor (10,500 yen), Loafer, Kaku and Rodney (6,300 yen each). I have also seen KO USA boxed Cyclonus, Metroplexes, Defensors and Superions selling at other shops at prices which the "genuine" ones are supposed to go for.


I suspect that Japanese shop-owners here are not keeping up to date with the KO market and are selling KOs (not sure where they get them from) as the genuine articles, unwittingly, I hope.

I recommend that anyone who comes to Japan (I have seen the above trend in Tokyo as well) to shop for TFs to do their research on KOs first.

Knowledge is power.

*Update 5 June 2011*

I have decided to update my Osaka posts with pictures!

This was a Sunday and I do so love to begin my Sundays with pancakes. This I did at a cafe near the Namba station Takashimaya. I had these for breakfast...

The pancakes. Tastes wonderful by the way.

After breakfast, I took a trip into Ikeda (池田) via Umeda (梅田). There was a Nissin Ramen Museum in Ikeda where they allowed guests to custom make their own instant noodles (called 'instant ramen' there).

I was there on a secret mission to make a cup of customised instant ramen for E. This was where I queued up.

My ramen cup design (tell me it looks awesome or don't bother commenting).

Gigantic Ramen!

Mandarake Umeda, which I went to on the way back from Ikeda to Namba.

My loot for today. All bought on behalf of collector buddies.

My high tea after returning from Umeda/ Ikeda - awesome French Toast!

Walked around the Den Den Town toy shops for did not manage to buy anything more. Had wanted to go back to Hero Gangu at 7.30pm for a big rout but they closed at 7pm! Damn. Tomorrow then.

Dinner was good. Reminded me of Menya Mappen in Sydney.

Cycled around again tonight.


  1. Good summary HD - very worrying about the KO's in Japan. Name them and Shame them I say!

  2. Seriously, this was not uncommon. I have seen this trend for sometime. Even Yahoo Japan is peppered with Zhong Jin KOs. I dont think they have the expertise to tell the difference. They really think its the real stuff, thats what is scary. One way to prevent unwittingly buying a KO could be to just NOT buy any USA boxed TFs in Japan?

  3. Yeah - but they would be buying them cheap so whoever is buying them must wonder. As you say best to be informed as we(G1 Collectors) can't expect the shop staff to know.

  4. Indeed that is a concerning growth in trend, it may pay to avoid US boxed items in Japan unfortunately or otherwise go over the figure, if un-sealed, with a fine tooth comb? :(
    I'm sorry to hear that you weren't able to find anything for yourself on this day's adventure either, but at least you found something for E that will vicariously put a smile on your face anyway. :)

  5. i have seen some KOs in Japan, but most of those times, the prices reflect the product. I have seen American boxed TF in Japan that were legit though. But not very often.


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