27 May 2011

Pre-Transformers , Diaclone/ Car Robot No.18 "Marlboor" Wheeljack MIB, unused

I have tried to downplay this piece both here and in forums.

However, it still managed to generate a fair bit of interest and some measure of attention. I have been getting emails and Private Messages over the course of the day enquiring about this piece (and whether I would consider selling it!).

Since I had some time tonight, I snapped a couple of more detailed photos of the piece.

It's condition is exceptional for a toy this age. The shop-owner I bought it from told me that it was dead-stock from Takara's factory (this was when they still made things in Japan). If he is to be believed, that essentially means that I'm the very first owner (not counting the shop-owner who was selling it at retail).

Box condition - C8 to C8.5 overall with one side flap having a slight crease; some general shelf-wear, but no major flaws such as tears, rips, dents or things like that. 

Toy and styro - C9.5, close to C10. Case fresh and practically untouched. The toy is still bone white (which I thought is exceptionally surprising given its age).

Paperworks - C9.5, close to C10. Case fresh, complete and practically untouched.

Conceptually, I'm thinking that this piece is almost as good as MISB, bearing in mind that Car Robot releases in Japan were never tape sealed and that the paperworks were not put in a plastic baggy.

Here are some detailed pictures (sorry, didn't get the lighting quite right today).

Bottom of box showing the serial number. The "Marlboor" Wheeljack has a different box stamped serial number from the regular release Car Robot Wheeljack. The box design and graphics are otherwise the identical.

Out of box with paperworks

Close up of paperworks and unapplied sticker sheet. Only the "Marlboor" Wheeljack has the red instruction piece.

Will update further on this piece when I have more time.

~ HD


  1. A truly beautiful piece dude and definitely something worth keeping, IMO, much like the Microchange? Binocular figure you've got that unfortunately never made the transition into the Transformers line. ;)

    An amazing find HD, keep it or straight-swap it for all the Japanese Cassettes you need if someone wants it that bad, that's what I say! :D

  2. hey Hursti, yeah, this piece is a conundrum to me. I knew it was rare, but just did not know how rare (how do we gauge rarity anyway; it must be something pretty subjective?).

    What I think is "rarer" to come by this rare piece in this sort of condition. Lots of difficult decisions ahead for sure. =)


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