10 May 2011

"Let's see what you can see, Reflector"

More on the Reflector trio, from More Than Meets The Eye.

First, a more proper shot of Reflector...

I remember watching MTMTE back in 1984, and I remember a Reflector scene that was one of the most memorable scenes for me. This was shortly after the Decepticons were revived by the Ark. Megatron sent out Decepticon teams to scout for energy. Starscream was dispatched with Soundwave and Rumble; Thundercracker was dispatched with Reflector.

Reflector and Thundercracker ended up on a plateau, when in the distance, they saw dust clouds caused by an Earth vehicle. Deciding to get a closer look, Thundercracker said: "Ok, Reflector, let's see what you can see." Reflector transformed into a camera and dropped into the hands of Thundercracker. Thundercracker looked through the camera and snapped a photo of the Earth vehicle - an orange repair van.

Admittedly not the most interesting scene and perhaps not as interesting as what the other scouting team did with Rumble, but it was memorable to me nonetheless. Over the years, I still kept using the phrase "let's see what you can see". If it's any indication, the guys at TF Wiki appear to be quite fond of this phrase too as it is used as the caption for certain pages there.

Screen captures of the scene from More than Meets the Eye (Part 1)

"I can't believe the Autobots survived." - Reflector trio speaking simultaneously, commenting on Hound's rescue by Ratchet, Cliffjumper (and Grapple).
"Neither can Megatron. He'll blow a fuse when he finds out... Hey, what's that?" - Thundercracker to Reflector

"Let's find out" - Reflector trio replying to Thundercracker simultaneously.

"Ok, Reflector, let's see what you can see" - Thundercracker to Reflector
*Reflector transforms and shrinks into camera mode*

*snap* (wow, Reflector is a polaroid camera too!)

This is my favourite shot from the above scene.

Toy diorama trying to replicate that scene. As can be seen here, PE-Reflector's scale is actually quite on the money, even though it is tiny. (Note: for the eagle eye-ed photographers out there, I did something with the lighting to make Thundercracker look more light blue in the photo than the toy actually is, no post-editing, this is the raw photo!)

Close up shot of Reflector. My, these guys look really good.

Thundercracker trying to 'see what he can see'...


  1. HI Heroic!!!! Since iam trying to complete my G1- Classics collection. I just order this Reflector set only based on your last post. I hope not disapoint me :-P

  2. Maybe my perspective is a bit off, but when I look at that still-shot of the screen, it seems the top of Reflector's heads come up to about halfway up Thundercracker's cockpit, whereas in the perspective I'm seeing in your photo, they barely reach his crotch. Which perspective are we seeing differently?

  3. Ok... Weird...

    That scene and phrase has also stuck in my mind for many years and I too find myself saying, either out loud or in my head, "Let's see what you can see". :O

    I still can't wait to get a hold of these guys as they will work well on the shelf with my, finally released, Generations Thundercracker as they do look to be in a great scale with the Classicsverse Deluxes and is what I like a lot about Perfect Effect myself. :)

    I'd also like to say that your photography skills are still as sharp as ever dude. ;)

  4. Those look so much better than I thought they would.

  5. @ Andres: I think the plastic quality is passable, but otherwise, this is an awesome set! Let me know what you think when you get it.

    @ Jay: You are right, they are not exactly to scale as the MTMTE shot. However, I do think that the overall perception and fit is very acceptable with the Classics line. At the very least, there isn't a mismatch like there is here - http://heroicdecepticon.blogspot.com/2009/08/problem-with-mp-08-grimlock.html

    @ Hursti: Just goes to show how much we love G1, eh? I would really like to hear what you think of these guys when you get them!

    @ Colbey: Yup, they look good!

    Question is, is Botch going to get them? heh.

  6. Too small for the money! I'm curious about the TFClub Reflector that is supposed to come out, though.

  7. Doh!

    That last comment was from me HD. I was accidentally logged in as a client. Would you mind deleting that one. Here is the comment, but properly credited to me:


    Yeah, I'm pretty much sold.

    As for MP Grimlock, he's fits in better with Classics than Masterpiece:


  8. @ Botch: I'll wait and see on that too. I'm still suspicious about TFC material quality too, based on their previous releases.

    @ Darren: Nice shot of MP Grimlock with Classics. Why didn't I think of that!

  9. Hey dude, here are my initial thoughts as they arrived yesterday! :D:

    I've got to say they are far and beyond the Shadow Warrior/Frenzy/Rumble mold in every way!

    - Colour Scheme/Paint Apps are brilliant.
    - Accessory count is crazy!
    - Well thought out & executed accessories.
    - Figure construction & execution is superb.
    - Figure articulation/poseability is insane!
    - Transformation & parts integration is truly ingenious.

    Their size I'm perfectly fine with because even at this size, they out-do quite a few official deluxe figures and set a damn high standard for any future 3rd party reflector and/or 3rd party figures of this size.

    The plastic quality is quite acceptable to me, but I can see where some are a little irked by it but at any rate, one has to admit that Perfect Effect have come a hell of along way.

    I really hope to see some more varied Alt mode designs come from PE, which are stand alone figures and not accessories for other figures as SFX - Scouting Force X clearly demonstrates PE's ability to pull this sort of thing off.


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