28 May 2011

Fight! Super Robot Life LP with poster (1985)

Among one of the interesting and perhaps obscure things that I brought back was a Transformers LP. In other words, a Transformers "gramophone 'long play' record" - you know, those things that has been around for more than a century and were popular in the '60s long before the iPod came along?

Himawari from TFW 2005 asked to see more pics of this and that is what prompted this entry.

To be completely honest, I know very little about this piece of TF history and I certainly don't know what all the Japanese words are saying. However, as a piece of TF memorabilia, it holds a lot of value to me for one key reason - there is a fairly sizable and unobstructed G1 Bluestreak box artwork at the back of the LP's sleeve.

Bluestreak will always have a special place in my heart. I never got him when I was young.

So, here are some photos of the LP...

This is the front of the sleeve. It has the 1985 back of box battle scene from Japanese boxed Transformers.

Close up of the information strip, which appears to contain a song listing.

Back of the sleeve showing the glorious Bluestreak box art.

Song list in English. I wonder whether the songs are in English. I'll probably never find out because I don't own a gramophone player nor do I know anyone that does.

Details of the information strip

Close up of LP - Side 1

Close up of LP - Side 2

To my surprise, I discovered that the LP comes with an insert poster! (I didn't even look inside when I bought it, I just wanted the Bluestreak box art)

Hey, the LP is actually worth 3 Robot Points!

This is the back of the poster

Close up of write up at the back of the poster

The poster opens up into a double spread with huge box art representations of Convoy and Megatron

The singer? Somehow, I don't think that's Berlinda Carlise.

Bar code detail of LP

Manufacturing details -"Manufactured and distributed by Victor Musical Industries Inc., Tokyo, Japan, 1985".


  1. Oh man HD, the box-art on that Vinyl is pure eye candy! :O

    The scans you'll no doubt make of the cover and poster will certainly please Botch and anyone else who loves G1 period TF art, but what a cool surprise that poster must've been! :)

  2. hey sir! Yes, this LP's sleeve and poster are pretty pretty things. Ironic thing is that I wouldn't have know it comes with a poster and even if it didn't, I would have bought it just for the Bluestreak art!

  3. Have you played the record? Is it music from the tv show?

    1. hi, not played the record. Dont have a player here that can play it haha. I'm supposing it is music from the Japanese version of the TV show Fight! Super Robot Life (which is Season 1 and Season 2 of the USA TV series). I have a photo there that shows the track names, but I can't say I recognise any of the tracks.


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