06 March 2012

C-108: Artfire x 03 - MISB, MIB complete and loose

Just thought I would put some pictures of these up for posterity's sake since I might no longer own all 3 of them...

Left to right: C-108: Artfire MISB, C-108: Artfire MIB, complete, C-108: Artfire loose (comes only with Nightstick, not pictured).

Shot showing contents of the MIB Artfire

MISB Artfire and MIB Artfire (right)


  1. I swear... The moment I decide to take a break on planning my trip to Japan, I read this. :p I guess instead of pointing out that this is my jump-on point, I should ask why you might be getting rid of all three. :O Any reason?

    Oh... And I am wondering if the reissue rumor tied to this character is one that they will do later this year. Because I think he would look nice with my small collection. (1 x Encore, 2 x Gentei, 1 x Henkei, and 1 x Welcome to 2010... Which was a very lucky purchase. :3)

    Then again... I am also hoping for a QC issue-free Encore reissue of Superion. (Hey! Somebody has to dream of this, right? ;p)

    1. hi Kuma-nin, great to hear this is your 'jump on point', welcome to the world of collecting (and to this blog too)!

      I'm actually keeping the MISB piece, and the other pieces are requests from readers of my blog which I hunted down for them.

      Which welcome to 2010 piece do you have? Is it one of the 2010 'specials'?

    2. Hi and thanks. :3

      And to answer your question, the 2010 piece I have is a MISB (possible C-10 box) Predaking. And I should add that it is my lucky piece out of my collection. Namely out of the four pieces I ordered on this one reliable site, I got this one both on sale ($170US) AND my order went though sometime before they sold out! :O

      Also, I think you made a good move on your decision. Myself, I am going to submit my "permanent collection" to AFA (while I am debating submitting my only Figma as well). That, and I hope to get lucky again on my return trip this May. :3

    3. hey, congratulations on you 2010 Predaking set. I have one too and its a really nice set. It has some issues as Predaking though because the arms (ie: Divebomb and Rampage which have die cast parts) are too heavy for the rest of the body to support and its a little hard to pose.

      So you are planning to AFA your collection? Perhaps have a look at Arkvander's site, he used to be a AFA collector too - http://mostlytransformersredux.blogspot.com/

    4. This is Arkvander's Tutorial for Submission to AFA - http://mostlytransformersredux.blogspot.com/p/afa-submission-process-tutorial.html

    5. Thanks for the heads up. That helps me quite a bit, and now just need to contact the store for the measurements for all five (six, if I succeed in finding a MISB Henkei! Skyfire this May; more if I also obtain Cyclonus and Stunticon Wildrider, just to make that collection be a Cybertron/Destron "counterpart" collection).

      And also, thanks for the heads up. That is great to know since I have a friend who was considering getting Predaking, even though his favorite combiner is Devastator. (Mine is Superion.) So unless he chooses to get this, I am hoping to get him the Encore Devastator... One with a Mix who did not have his head nix'd (like you mentioned in a previous post).

    6. Are you going to AFA your Henkei collection? Why not open them and play with them? They are very fun toys.

      Oh, I think the 2010 Predaking is a far superior toy to Encore Devastator, even given its weight issues. The Predaking is beautifully painted and looks awesome in red and gold. Also, the stickers have also been redone and it includes red 'eye stickers' for each Predacon so you can make them more G1 accurate. I'd highly recommend the Predaking set if you friend is on the fence and do not have preference either way.

      Have a look at the comparisons that Sharky did here (see the differences in the stickers and colouration) - http://d343355.u107.fasthit.net/boards/showthread.php?t=9688

    7. Yup, and it is because I paid extra to have them be in near C-10 condition. (There will be both temporary photos and an explanation of who I had bought and why on my FB account.) But I will not rule out a double of Hot Rodimus, as I feel compelled to do a variation of the one Mostly Transformers Redux had posted.

      But until then, I have my upcoming May (12-26) trip to Japan to focus on... As well as the restructuring of my want/wish list (long story, and has me disputing a few series/line).

      Oh... And I 100% agree with you on Predaking! I think that despite the weight issue, he is the best among the reissues. That, and I am glad that I started my 2011 by seeing him at a Toy's "R" Us in Koriyama and ended my year having him be the last Decepticon/Destron I had ordered online. Highest recommendation from me as well on this one.

      And as for my friend, I think he is hooked on Devastator. But I think that if if I get lucky with a MIB/complete version of him, I will get this for his collection. ^^

    8. Which Hot Rodimus are you thinking of getting a double of? Masterpiece Rodimus?

      Good to hear you are going to Japan, it is a really fun place to be even if there are no Transformers, but it does has a lot of Transformers, which makes it even better!

      What's your want list looking like?

  2. heh thats double the artfire goodness HD, Artfire really is one awesome transformer, any thoughts on getting a sliding bottom case for the MISB one? Protect him for future generations! One day there will be an artfire in my collection one day!

    1. Actually, I'm harbouring thoughts of opening the MISB one....

  3. Sell me the MIB one, H_D? ;)
    I can give you an offer you cannot resist! :D
    Email me! :D
    Serious offer, not a joke!

    thanks for listening!

  4. Is the loose one still available? And how much where you looking for it?


    1. hi, I've already sold the loose one and also the MIB one. I only have the MISB one left. Good luck with the hunt!

  5. Hi Sir, may I know if do we still have the MIB one sir?...I would just like you to know that I have been looking for this Artfire Target master for more than 10 years...it has been my dream to have one of this...please let me know if there is still a chance that I could buy this from you Sir, please email me (fortmax33@yahoo.com.ph) or private message me in FB account (Eric Vergel de Dios) and I would be very grateful to whatever consideration you could offer to me for it...How I wish you could help me to find Artfire Sir...Hoped to hear some thing from you soon Sir....Many thanks and All the best....Cheers...


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