11 May 2011

Autobot Architect - Grapple (C-47)

I bought this very minty Grapple figure when I was in Japan in February, before the terrible things that happened with the Tsunami. Just have not really gotten around to writing about it since I was so pre-occupied to properly cover this year's release of Generations and United.

Now, I can come back to those that I missed.

I bought C-47: Grapple MIB at Mandarake Nakano. It's just sitting quietly and not really calling out, unlike the Overlords, Scorponoks, Black Zaraks and what nots that were there. I bought it at a very decent price for its condition. The downside is that it does not come with any paperworks.

Here he is.

Pretty glorious huh?

A bit about Grapple, who is an Architect, how interesting *hint*

Name: Grapple
Function: Architect
First appearance: Transformers #14

"Beauty is in everything except war."

Profile: Back on Cybertron, Grapple's building designs were considered works of art. He realizes that now, in an alien environment on Earth, his ideas are limited by the necessities of war. Nevertheless, he still takes enormous pride in what he does and strives for beauty and quality in all his creations. His problem is that he cares too much; he often succumbs to severe depression should one of his constructions be destroyed in the course of battle.

Abilities: In vehicular mode, Grapple can lift up to 35 tons and position massive objects with uncanny precision and grace. In robot mode, he uses a high temperature arc-welder rifle that shoots a stream of concentrated infrared energy as it slices through and/or fuses its targets. He can launch explosive rockets a distance of 4.5 miles from the hand socket in each of his wrists.

Weaknesses: Grapple's extreme artistic sensitivity often results in moodiness and depression, diminishing his value to the other Autobots. He doesn't adapt well to his vehicle mode which often results in mechanical breakdowns.

One of the more memorable Grapple scenes in the G1 animated cartoon was from More Than Meets the Eye (Part 1) - this was when he was still known as "Hauler", ahem. It was the scene when Ratchet enlisted his help to rescue Hound - "Pull 'im up Hauler!"


This scene was so epic that even my Henkeis got into the act...

More shots of C-47: Grapple

Back of box. Unfortunately, the robot points has been cut.

The minty contents


  1. Beautiful...
    That a pity the robot points and the paperworks, but it´s a great piece!!!

    Do you think that "Hauler" was Grapple?

  2. heh, I do think Hauler is Grapple (or Grapple is meant to be Hauler). Maybe there was a last minut name change for the 1985 line.


  3. I love the photo whit Ratchet and Hound, I need to ask permission to do my version when i get my own Grapple :-P

  4. Very very jealous! Been after a MIB one for a long time. Email me the price you paid! Lol!

  5. Oh wow, nice acquisition dude! :D

    It's so nice to see a G1 Grapple figure with it's chrome intact, I often feel sorry for the ones that have had a hard life out on the Play-fields. ;)

    I also reckon you're probably onto something with Hauler = Grapple dude, nice use of the Henkeis too! :)

  6. Waa no robot points! Hehe great purchase HD - hope to get this guy one day.
    Another great write up too, always a good read whenever I drop by :)
    As for hauler I thought it was grapple until I started collecting the toys!

  7. @ Andres: Feel free to do your version of it. I see you have Devil Horns Cliffjumper, remember to add that to the diorama too!

    @ Hotspot17: I think price might be a tad high for your tastes, but I did sort of ask around and most of the Australian forums guys think its a pretty good price. =)

    @ Hursti: Not sure if Hauler is Grapple. I think they are the same, but some fans seem to think otherwise...

    @ Skullcruncher: I used the robot points to mail away for a S.T.A.R.S. base... *joking*

  8. Thanks Heroic!! I uploaded the photo some post ago. Check them out! :-P

  9. good luck in Osaka. take a lot of pics!


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