24 October 2009

Massive Weekend part 1 - D330, Gaihawk

It is Saturday morning.

The lady of house is still asleep.

I am going to do a massive update.

This is the first.

Behold, Liokaiser member D330 Gaihawk.

I don't know, I don't have much to say about Gaihawk except that he may be my least favourite among the Liokaiser members. I'm not sure whether its his near/off pink colour, his name (seriously, not very original), he similarity with Hellbat (who is much cooler) in terms of transformation, or just the overall impression I get of him.

Be that as it may, he still forms the right arm of Liokaiser and his importance to this sextet of Decepticon warriors cannot be denied (unless Cobra is resurrected, maybe).

Front of box - As with the rest of the Transformers in the Victory era, the box art is simply stunning.

The individual boxed Brestforce members features bottom of the box art unlike earlier year Transformers which features a representation shot of the toy on the bottom of the box.

Flawless glossy box without creases, dents or rips, from this side.

Flawless glossy box but there is a slight dent to in on the bottom and top right side of the box as seen here.

Top of box - Unlike earlier year Transformer boxes which featured transformation sequences of the toy, the box tops of the Brestforce members show instead photos of the toys featuring the 'brest-former' function that is unique to this sub-group (with the exception of Deszaras of course).

Back of box

Back of box - unfortunately, the flap, especially the right hand side, is a little creased and damaged.

Gaihawk's bio card is not included in the paperworks packet but is actually one of the inner flaps of the box. Notice that he is actually called "Guyhawk" on his bio card, while today, he is better known to the world at large as "Gaihawk".

The other side of his bio-card is actually another flap of the box. I suspect that the printing on each flap were meant to be printed on respective sides of a card, but Takara for obvious reasons cannot do that (ie: print on both sides of the same box flap), so they did the next best thing which is giving us the characters' picture on one flap and then the bio on the other flap.

The contents of C-330, Gaihawk. The instructions, unapplied sticker sheet and all the original catalogues and promotional material that came with Gaihawk are still sealed in the bag.

Minty Gaihawk toy and Eagle 'brest'.


Detailed pictures and commentary on individual Liokaiser memebers:


  1. Heya. As the person who role played for decades as Gaihawk (and his brother Leozak), I think you'd like him more if you got to know the guy (pardon the pun). He's pretty fun, and has layers. Watching Victory gives clues as to his mannerisms snd what drives him.


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