07 October 2009

$4,000 figure for $73.34!

Since don't know when, the prices on eBay started becoming extortionist. Where Transformers figures are concerned, every one and their pet lists skyhigh Buy-It-Now (BIN) prices for items that on open market auction would fetch but a fraction of their listed BIN price at best.

This has resulted in a second-hand Transformers market that is generally inflated. Additionally, its hateful that there are less than a handful of decent auctions out there anymore. The majority of auctions are BIN auctions at extortionist prices.

A simple search for "Transformers Weirdwolf" would return all of 3 auction results and around 25 BIN auctions in sellers' eBay stores - with extortionist prices from US$50 (incomplete) to US$150 (complete) and even US$400 (Mint in Box). [searches performed on 29 September 09, 0830hrs AEST, for G1 Weirdwolf]

A quick search of the completed auctions for "Transformers Weirdwolf" reveals that the figure costs closer to US$9 (incomplete) to US$60 (complete) and US$300 (Mint in Sealed Box). [searches performed on 29 September 09, 0830hrs AEST, for G1 Weirdwolf]

The marked difference in price is simply staggering, if not sometimes, beyond belief.

An example being my Targetmaster Cyclonus with box that I bought for US$73.34 (picture 1 below), compared with a loose complete one for US$94.99 BIN (picture 2 below), compared with yet another auction that is selling one without its box for US$150 BIN (picture 3 below), and another one that is MISB for US$4,000 (picture 4 below).

In any case, I rest my case.

Picture 1 - the Targetmaster Cyclonus I won at auction for US$73.34.

Picture 2 - a Targetmaster Cyclonus that is complete with Tech Specs and instructions at US$94.99 Buy-It-Now

Picture 3 - a loose complete Targetmaster Cyclonus at US$150 Buy-It-Now. It does not even have Tech Specs and instructions like the one above, yet its costs 50 whole dollars more.

Picture 4 - a US$4000 Targetmaster Cyclonus. Given that it is MISB and AFA graded (ie: in a plastic prison forever and ever), 4000 smackeroos is still too much to be shelling out for it I'd think.


  1. Found your site searching for Liokaiser images. Anyway, I totally see it the same way. Auctions are dwindling and everything are BINs with inflated prices. Lots of newbie collectors/ebayers actually fall for them too. Nice site. Check mine out at www.geewun.com

  2. oh yeah, I'm an avid ebay observer too. I actually started out analyzing prices and trends. I had a hard time keeping track though.

  3. Totally agree that lots of eBay newbies get shamed by these sharks. It's pretty depressing really.

    Checked out you site. Very nice. I like the glass displays you have. I think its the best way to display Transformers!


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