01 August 2007

Heroic Decepticon bio

"From one end of the universe to another, I will find them all."

Cybertronian Collecting Officer

Heroic Decepticon, also known as HD, is a purist collector of Generation One Transformers. A G1 Transformer in US box is one of the most beautiful things in the universe to him. Will sojourn from one end of the universe to another in search of such specimens for his collection.

The most proficient Collecting Officer this side of Cybertron. Can spot worthy specimens from distances of 10,000 feet. Efficient and effective negotiator. Have no qualms about using innovative coercive methods in obtaining specimens- such as 'making an offer you cannot refuse'.

Suffers from borderline case of obessessive compulsive disorder according to Chief Medical Officer Ratchet.

[See FAQ for why I used the name Heroic Decepticon]

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