12 August 2007

Ravagely Rumblin'

*This happened in around August 2005*

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So I made mummy spend S$20 more than she necessarily needed to on Soundwave back in the 80s; so here is the story of what she did to punish me (or so I suspect).

My brother and me usually plea for toys on the basis of needing the new one to compliment the one/s we have. For example since we have Prime, we need Megatron because the bad guy leader is needed to fight the good guy leader; or as illustrated here, since I have Motormaster, I need the rest of the Stunticons to form Mensor… and since I have Menasor, my brother needs Superion his good guy counterpart to fight him. We weave a giddying web of kiddy logic that seemed irresistible then and quite irredeemable now.

Now that I have Soundwave, bought for S$49.90 no less, I pleaded that I needed cassettes for him (while diverting her attention from the fact that Buzzsaw came with Soundwave) – I needed the Ravage & Rumble set. I loved this set because of the nice box art and for Ravage, which to this day I feel is still one of the most beautiful cassettes ever released.

I cannot quite remember whether this was in 1986 or 1987 but in anycase what we had in Singapore was the later release of Ravage & Rumble, meaning the plastic toes Rumble. And even that was scarcely available- In fact there was just one set left in Zion Road Isetan, the only department store in Singapore that still had it at that point in time.

‘Mum, can I have this toy? It’s for Soundwave and this is the absolute last one in Singapore! There is no more anywhere else!’ I implored mummy during one of our night trips to Zion Road Isetan.

‘No’ was her reply the first time round. She didn’t give a reason, she just said no.

‘Mum, can I have this toy? It’s the absolute last one in Singapore!’ I tried again on a second occasion after retrieving it from a cleverly hidden place behind all the other toys.

‘No’, mummy said again.

‘Mum, can I have this toy? It’s the absolute last one in Singapore!’ I continued retrieving it from its hiding place and I continued trying on every occasion we were there. Three, four, five, six, seven times; I lost count.

‘No, no, no and no’, the answer came back sure and resounding.

‘Why?’ I asked in anguish. Mummy wouldn’t give a reason but now on hindsight, I think it is her version of punishing me for making her spend more than she needed to on Soundwave.

I never got Ravage as a kid.

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