20 September 2007

A stunnin' Asthma story

*This happened around June 1987*

'Wheeze, wheeeeze... mom, I can't... breath... properly...'

That was me in the 80s- Asthma, really severe asthma. I had to be hospitalized once or twice a month and was in very poor health. There was this occassion after a particularly bad episode when mummy wanted to cheer me up.

'How about I buy you a medium sized Transformer?' was what she said.

Medium sized in our terms means something bigger (and correspondingly more expensive) than a 2 pack cassette set or a mini-bot. It would be roughly the size and cost of an Autobot car or combiner team leader.

'I want Motormaster!' was my almost immediate reaction.

My infatuation with the Stunticons began when a classmate, DXF, showed me Transformers UK #91. He shoved the issue in my face and said 'Do you know who the Stunticons are? This cool new group!' I was fascinated and all the more so because he never even let me so much as peek inside the comic. @#$%%^;*

Cover of Transformers UK #91- Heavy Traffic Part 1 (left)

It's me taken from the 80s till recently to find out the story that Transformers #91 contained. It is a story I've always know, one that I've read and re-read countless times, it is the first half of the story contained in Marvel US #22. I never knew that till now.

Transformers #91 and cartoon episodes like The Key to Vector Sigma and Masquerade made the Stunticons sky-rocket to the top of my kiddy 'to get' list. The offer of a medium sized Transformers was met with a reply that says Motormaster rather than 2 of the smaller Stunticons. But i digress.

There i was, a pup, wheezing and puffing and breathing heavily but going all out and climbing the People's Park bridge that would lead to OG, where my Motormaster is! My condition was so bad that every step literally took my breath away. Every step was a struggle, every step was painful. But I had to do it because the prize was Motormaster.

It took me almost 15 minutes before I climbed up the bridge and entered OG. I stayed on course and nabbed Motormaster. The journey back home was equally torturous, but then I had Motormaster, safely cradled in my arms, to keep me company. (my brother scored Silverbolt that day)

Now for the rest of Menasor...

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