26 June 2013

Stunticons make Menasor... make trouble! - Marvel UK #91

From one of my favourite sellers, Specimen-17, comes a loot of Marvel UK comic books that I missed out on when I was young.

Among them was Transformers UK #91, where the Stunticons debuted. When young, my primary school classmate let me glance at this issue, and said 'hey, the Stunticons!', but refused to let me see or read it.

As it happened, this particular cover sparked my interest in the Stunticons for some reason... and now on hindsight, the Stunticons have become a lifelong obsession.

27 years later, I finally got to peek behind the cover of Transformers UK #91. Thanks Specimen-17!

FansProject Stunticons mimicking the cover of #91!

These are the other Marvel UK issues that I got from Specimen-17.

Love the cover of Transformers UK #100 - it's a wrap around cover by the way.

Transformers UK #184 (left) is the one issue I was missing from the "Space Pirates" story arc. When I was a kid, I would go with mum to the newsstand across the road every week and buy a copy of Transformers UK. For reasons that elude me, I missed issue #184.

I would not say that I didn't know what it contained, because I have read the Titan reprint version, but now, after 25 years, I have completed the entire "Space Pirates" story arc in individual comic form! Thanks again Specimen-17!

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