25 June 2013

"Peace through tyranny" - Megatron (G1)

Saw this posted by Kokomo Toys on FB. Love this poster and of course G1 Megatron's motto - "Peace through tyranny".

Also like the way Eric Holmes used it in the 'Megatron Origin' series, where Megatron said "I will create desolation, and call it peace".

Wow. Eric, you're still one of my favourite TF writers out there.

~ HD


  1. I had to go back and re-read this. It was a very good series. Comparing the art in this to the MTME, you can really see the progression and evolution in Alex Milne's art.

    1. Nice! Glad I could 'convince' you to go back and read it, heh. It is one of the best series' out there.


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