16 June 2013

G1 vintage Takara 46 - Hoist MIB, unused (Fight! Super Robot Life series)

In the 80s, Hoist went to Hollywood... and recently, Hoist has been 'spotlighted' in IDW's Transformers: Spotlight.

What better time is there than now to also give Hoist the limelight in my blog.

Presenting - vintage Takara boxed 46 - Hoist! This is an exceptionally stunning specimen. Rarely do I see vintage pieces that are as nice and pristine as this. And so, here it is...

A look at the top of the box.

This is the 'wrecker' variant of Hoist, the 'wrecker' words being from this same mold's Diaclone era release. Apparently, for the Fight! Super Robot Life series, Hoist was released as a regular version (same as the USA release) and a version with the 'wrecker' words at the side. Also apparently, the latter version is 'rarer'.

Back of the box - look, no flap crease!

Pictured here with its contents - complete and unused paperworks.

Pictured here with 47-Grapple, a frequent collaborator and friend of Hoist in the G1 cartoons. Fitting that they are numbered consecutively - 46 and 47.


  1. Oooh! Very nice! :) I honestly did not know that they did two incarnations. Namely because I had only seen both the e-HOBBY and Encore reissues, and did not see the "Takara variant" on Arkvander's site. But yeah... Very cool find. :)

    Oh, and off-topic (besides the video I need to refind and send you)... Any thoughts on who you hope wins the chance to be the next Cybertron leader to become a Masterpiece figure?

    1. hey dude! Yeah, I did not know there were 2 variants until a few months back. That's the thing with TFs, you just discover more and more... no end to what we are discovering even after nearly 30 years!

      Yes, please do have a search for the video? Is it on YouTube?

      I saw the choices... I gotta say, I'm remaining ambivalent at the moment. For example, I'm not sure what a MP Star Saber would add to the G1 incarnation other than extra articulation. If you know what I mean.

  2. Wow! I love the way Hoist is packaged in a "wide box" compared to the regular cars. I did not know Hoist came packaged like that in Japan. I so prefer the way the Japanese releases came with styro foam inserts instead of the bubble inserts that were the norm with Hasbro's releases. No need to cut anything open or to damage the packaging just to get to the toy.

    And a great toy as well, but I'm a little biased, because Hoist was the first ever Transformer I got. Such a cool vehicle. Metal, chrome, actual windows, the smell of rubber and heavy in the hand. The way G1's were always meant to be! ;-)

    1. hey Mijo, nice to see you dropping by!

      I definitely prefer the styro packaging too. I just wish I could read Japanese, so I can read what is on the Jap boxes. that would seriously complete the experience! Bubbles are really annoying sometimes - they are the definite way of telling that something is sealed and untouched, but the moment its opened, its so difficult to manage.

      Hoist is a nice solid 'bot. Stock, solid and heavy! =)


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