29 March 2012

Another milestone reached... finally...

On Monday this week, a job lot of Transformers reached me from a buddy from the UK.

He is the only 'professional seller' that I have trust in and that I consistently have bought from over the years. His eBay store can be seen in the following link and its stocked all year round with G1 Transformers - Sector-17 Trading Post (eBay useID "specimen-17")

The milestone is not the job lot, the milestone is this particular figure that I have been hunting for years and years. In fact, it is not even the particular figure, it is actually the little gun of that particular figure that I have been hunting for years and years - Doubleheader. Surprising? Yes, I would have thought so. Of all the rare and hard to find figures that I have amassed over the years, it is surprisingly this non-discreet regular release USA figure whose small gun has eluded me for so long.

This is in fact my fourth Doubleheader and therefore my fourth attempt at completing him. In my first attempt, I only acquired the shell and helmet; the second attempt I acquired a 'complete' figure who turned out to be missing the small gun and an arm of the inner robot (got partial refund); the third attempt I acquired yet another 'complete' figure who turned out to be missing, yet again, his small gun; and finally in this fourth attempt I got his entire complete figure. What a journey.

Here he is complete.

You mean you didn't see the small gun?

You sure you didn't see the small gun?

Ok, enough about Doubleheader. This lot is actually impressive in and of itself.

Here are all the pieces in this job lot.

There is the MM Tanker Transport, MM Anti-aircraft base, Rotorstorm MISB, Quickmix, Doubleheader and Cyclonus (blue ear version). Like I said, a pretty neat lot. And yeah, Doubleheader is not the coolest piece in this lot.

Close up of MM Tanker Transport and MM Anti-aircraft base. Tanker Transport completes my MM transports (this came complete with all parts) and Anti-aircraft base brings me one figure closer to completing USA G1 (sans ActionMasters) - see, another 2 milestones there.

Close up of MISB Rotorstorm. This one to replace the one I got from Newausbot78, who is an irresponsible seller who failed to deliver what he promised. Since this one is MISB, nothing should be wrong with it, yes?

And then there is his blue-ear-ness, the scourge of the sky, Cyclonus...

Keen eye-ed collectors would see that this is the fabled blue-ear version, which is released as part of the first Cyclonus assortment back in 1986. Subsequent assortments and the movie poster version of Cyclonus are the more common non-painted versions (ie: no blue ears and no blue waist). Here's another close up.


  1. wow what a good lot :D surprising that you spend years hunting for a little gun :(

  2. Congratulations my friend!!! It's one small piece for mankind, one giant leap for a man (you, of course ^^).
    And a great lot, oh yeh. I love specially that Rotorstorm MISB... I want another one!!!

    My cousin are going to live in HK for various months, we need to talk about good sites to buy TF´s for me XD

    1. hi Predaking! Long time no speak! Love your analogy of 'one giant leap' for me, I think it is. I've got a number of loose Rotorstorms and the problem with these guys is that there's always SOMETHING wrong with them - rotor blades broken, cockpit scratched, etc, etc. Might as well just get a MISB one and be done with it.

      If you need to know about HK toy shops, just check my maps - http://heroicdecepticon.blogspot.com/p/heroics-toy-shop-locator-guide.html

      I'm very happy to show you around when you are here too.

    2. Yeah friend, a lot of time. A lot fo work and my son, take most of my time... But well, I´m triying to keep up my blog again, we´ll see...

      As you said, Rotorstorm normally is broken or incomplete, is better to take one misb, and all problems are over ^^

      Thanks for the guide, I will pass it to my cousin, and yes, I´ll take that tour when I go to visit her over there!!!
      You must to visit Spain any day, ok???

      Continue with your blog and your passion my friend, is incredible to see how your collection is growing up day after day!!!

  3. Congrats on getting DH's small gun HD! heh you sure experienced a fustrating sequence of events before finally obtaining it.

    1. Frustrating yes. You know one of the recent reasons I'm sure, you shared my pain too!

  4. Good pickup on the Doubleheader gun! I've been looking for that same piece for awhile now. I need that and an Optimus Prime hose to complete the entire US G1 run.


  5. Sweet grabs, funny I just got a complete doubleheader as the last of my small pretenders to complete, I buy from specimen17 too quite often, I also grabbed a misb Rotorstorm, same reasons. I do need a blue eared Cyclonus though, even though I have had 5 plus the one in my collection now. I am complete up to series 4 and only need about 29 or less to complete my US G1's, but Japanese and Euro-mania grabbed a hold of me and I need only Battle Gaia and Guard City, Big Powered, Grandus, 3 Victory figures, full size Raiden (have jr), Browning, dino-cassettes, headmaster jrs, powermaster jrs, Overlord, Stepper, Artfire and Black Zarak and I will be somewhat satisfied..... I hope- but I think one could collect variants etc. for a lifetime, which is part of what makes g1 collecting so great!! (such as a MIB complete Canadian Slag like I recently bought)
    Thanks so much for sharing your collection with the trials and tribulations as well as great finds and successes!

    1. hi Sixliner, thanks for dropping by! Specimen-17 is a great guy and I have been buying from him for some years now. He seems to be very good with stocking Pretenders and Micromasters, the things that people who are almost completing G1 will hunt for.

      Now, I'm going or the major G1 variants (usually the pre-rubs and the first assortment releases that are different). I'm less worried about minor variations of the type listed in Fred's page (he's doing a great job by the way),but really only want the major variations.

      Best of luck with the rest of the pieces you are looking for. Some of them, I took a really long time to find - eg: dino-cassettes. Also, do keep abreast of the KOs that are being released. Very sucky feeling if you bought something thinking its real for it to turn out to be a KO.


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