10 March 2012

Tweaked the look

I've had this blog template since 2007 and it was based on what Google now calls "classic templates", another word for 'outdated templates'. 

Over the years, I have edited the HTML of the template ever so slightly, bit by bit and incrementally and have no doubt messed up something somewhere - I'm almost completely hapless when it comes to computer programming (even simple HTML).

Today, I came up with the brilliant idea of 'fixing' these issues (some illusory) once and for all and so have resorted to using a spanking new template called 'Simple'. 

Ta-da, this is the look now.

Not very different you say? Good.

That's exactly the effect I was hoping for.


Yeah, so am I. So, I'm going to stick to Transformer collecting and my day job and leave the computer programming to people way more intelligent than me.

~ HD

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