22 March 2012

Cybertron Con 2012 at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

This year, the inaugural Cybertron Con 2012 was held in my home country from 11 to 14 March 2012 - Singapore. For perhaps the first time ever, an event of Transformers toy collecting significance has been held in Asia.

I unfortunately could not attend, but saw it vicariously through the eyes of my buddy ET (not the extraterrestrial, but his initials, you know who you are). I won't talk too much about it because I haven't been there, but if you'd like to read about it, there is plenty written in the links below:

Ok, that's the boring stuff out of the way, 'nuff said.

How about a slew of beautiful pictures taken by ET, which I would like to share here?

Since I'm predominantly interested in G1, I'll only be showcasing the G1 goodies from the convention. heh!

1984 and 1985 G1 Autobot cars

1984 and 1985 Decepticons.  Pre-rub Soundwave, Thundercracker and Skywarp, impressive! Where's Starscream?

1986 Autobots.

Collection was contributed by Don Tan as seen from the tag. Definitely a very respectable if not drool-worthy collection. Why is Top Spin and Twin Twist's bubbles always yellowed?

My favourite Headmaster - the Horrorcons Snapdragon and Apeface. But Apeface is not a USA box, which is slightly disappointing.

Targetmaster Cyclonus. Missing the very rare and hard to find TM Scourge.

1987 Autobot Headmasters. Very nice, these are.

1988 Pretenders, very nice and hard to find in boxes with their bubbles. Impressive!

1988 'junior' Headmasters.



1988 'junior' Targetmasters

Combiner cassettes Squarktalk and Beastbox - why does this deserve a special place?

Combiner cassettes Grandslam and Raindance - again, why the special place?

1989/ 1990 Micromasters.

Oh yawn, ActionMasters.

Many people commented that they are missing Takara or Japanese Transformers - there was not a single one of them (other than pre-Transformers).

Well, they could have approached me, and to be honest, they did. I said 'sure, but we need to iron out the details', but then they never got back to me. Perhaps there were other things that demanded more priority or it was the trouble of having to ship display pieces from overseas or perhaps it was because its a Hasbro convention and had no place for Takara pieces, one can only speculate.

Thanks once again for the photos ET!

~ HD


  1. The thing that got to me is that Seibertron.com stated that Takara Tomy was thinking about doing both a MP Soundwave and a reissue Fortress Maximus. (Mind you, if they did a reissue FM, I'd buy any City-bots and Headmasters that came after him... Which may lead to me also trying to get the combiner reissues as well. ^^;)

    But two(?) other sources stated that they are looking into it and may have it be part of the 30th Anniversary set. (Me... I say "Encore" him now, as the packaging could be shrunk down, and do a more modern remake of him in 2014.) All I can say about that is... "Ugh." (>_<)

    1. Hmmm... not sure I heard about MP Soundwave but Fort Max has been rumoured for years and years. Apparently it failed the Hasbro drop-test and thus is considered not safe enough so they are unlikely to reissue Fort Max. We'll see I guess.

      But Sunstorm MP and also Sideswipe MP are announced, both of which I'll definitely be getting cos I really like these 2 characters.

    2. From what Seibertron.com stated, Takara Tomy had a panel and mentioned both items. MP Soundwave is one I heard that fans were demanding ever since the line debuted. That, and Hasbro is not allowed to reissue FM because their drop test did not pass the Government safety standards here. But between you and me... I prefer Takara Tomy's version more. Mostly because of the fact he comes with a Master Sword. That, and he is on my very large wish list.

      Oh! And I hope to see your reviews on those MPs. I, myself, am holding off on getting the much rumored Encore edition Sixshot (who is listed as being #23). (If he does come out, I am hoping that they'll put out Ultra Magnus as Encore #24.)

    3. I don't think there's ever going to be a reissue FM. When Takara 'reissued' FM as Brave Max in the Car Robots line in 2000, it was a major fail and Brave Maxes shelf-warmed for a long time. It was just too big and ungainly to buy and carry around.

      The next MP to be released to the Coronation Starscream, MP-11, released this Saturday here in HK. I already have a piece reserved, so keep your eyes peeled!

      Sixshot, I've also reserved 3 pieces of, so when its out, you'll know. =)

    4. I have to hope they do something, even if it is an e-Hobby limited release, etc. Because I like my organs too much to sell them over the black market for an original Takara Fortress Maximus. Then again, I might do that... Seeing how this baby deserves a special (and not a mass-produced) release. (But I do wish I had the money to get Grand when he was affordable.)

      Oh! And speaking of Grand Maximus... I found out that not only does Car Robots exists within G1 continuity, but in 2003 (Japanese timeline), Autobot City (aka Scramble City, Cybertron City) used him as the core of the city.

      And, as always, I hope to see those reviews. ^^ However, I am hoping this one site places Sixshot on sale after I return... Even though he might cost more than Metroflex (#5 on my own list). ^^; (Then again, I am hoping to get #6 before I leave for my trip.)

    5. No one should have to sell body parts for TFs, but with the market the way it is, it's only a matter of time before that may have to eventuate.... =(
      Grand Max has in recent years, become more and more expensive. It's not hard to find. Just very, very, expensive.
      I think Sixshot is going to cost more than Metroflex from the looks of the Yen price...

    6. Which is why I had to greatly reduce my wish list. ^^; Because these days, I wonder what is more depressing - The Optimus Prime version of "Love Story" (aka "Transformers: The Movie") or the prices for most of the original G1s out there. But I have to keep my plan in tact, as there are two things I refuse to do. ^^

      As for Sixshot... I am hoping that the price is not a huge difference. Then again, he did have seven forms and three rivals on the Autobot side. Plus, he did save Daniel Witwicky in an episode of Headmasters (which technically makes him a "heroic Decepticon"). So I guess he is going to be worth anything the site I want to buy from charges for him. ^^

  2. Hi again Heroic Decepticon!

    Wow, so the Cybertron Con organising team did request you to help with the G1 Takara TFs? Well, too bad that they didn't get back to you. I was there at the Cybertron Con and thought the same: Where are the Takara G1s...!? Hah...indeed the main organiser is Hasbro. TakaraTomy only displayed a little of their Diaclones, Masterpieces, and Device Labels. But for the panels, they were quite well represented (with Yoke-san there!), which I'm really pleased. The highlights for me were really the panels and Q&As (since the other 'programs' were just so-so).

  3. Well, to be honest, I was half glad they didn't get back to me. It'd be logistically difficult to get my stuff there, and back, safely. From what I heard, there were next to no takara G1s there, so much the pity. The panels sounded good, glad you enjoyed it!


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