28 March 2012

HK Market Watch - Dinoking boxes MIB, C-311: Grand Maximus MISB, D-318: King Poseidon MIB, C-131: Raiden MIB

Wanted to go yesterday to meet one of the shop owners for a chat, but was just too tired. I ended up playing with my MP-10 for an hour, very good play value and value for money.

So I went to the toy shops today, just some of them, because it was already late and people were starting to close up. Was not really expecting anything, but then, there was some surprisingly exciting stuff!

The now classic display

Dinoforce in individual boxes, mostly C8+, complete and stickers applied. Woot!

Close up of the C-27: Brave Maximus and C-311: Grand Maximus MISB

Transformers Lucky Draw items

Lucky Draw Transformers Movie gold Bumblebee. Not sure how rare this is, but apparently there are only 10 in the world? "Not for sale" too. I think they should rename this Goldbug.

Close up of C-311: Grand Maximus MISB. When I asked how much this was, the owner just smiled and said 'you don't want to know', and yeah, I don't really want to know!

Discovered this new shop that sells vintage super hero stuff. Mostly DC figures of Batman and Superman. I see a few Mego dolls but that's about all I recognise.

More pictures

This was meant for Wonder Woman and her invisible plane, which looks like it could use some H2O2.


  1. Arkvaner told me you found a Dinoking set. $1600 USD was the asking price? Way too high.

    I've been meaning to ask if you've ever seen a C-200 Lander in your toy shop visits? I've only had one lead on the toy and I was unsuccessful obtaining it. Not sure why, but he has always been one of my grails.

    1. hi Colbey, yes, that was the price they asking. I know it sounds way too high, but then in HK the prices are sort of at that level, due in large part to the huge demand from the mainland Chinese for Transformers. They have a lot of money to spend and have consistently snapped up D-307s for HKD$7,800 (USD$1,000) or C-114s for HKD$26,000 (USD$3,350) or other TFs for quite high prices. With that sort of demand, the shop I frequent have no reason to sell lower. The other reason is also the high Yen value compared to the HKD, which means that their cost is higher to obtain pieces from Japan. Another thing to bear in mind is that all the pieces sold by this shop are generally unused and near C10 condition for toy, box and inserts, therefore also commanding an extra premium.

      I've never seen a C-200 physically unfortunately. I know of only 2 people to own this toy (one of them has 2 pieces, but one box is badly water damaged). I can look out for it, but to be honest, if I see a piece, I would be getting it for my own first and if I see more, I can grab for you. =)

      I do have the (exclusive) vintage vinyl advertising the C-200 mailaway campaign though. It says that 500 pieces will be given away each month until 3000 pieces are gone.

  2. That is awesome that you're able to just walk to a store and buy that kind of stuff. I so envy you for that. Those are some amazing pictures. And I had no idea that Lander was a mail away exclusive.

    1. Yes, Lander is one of the strange ones - the only thing rare about the exclusive is the box. The toy itself is common as coins and cheap as chips.

      The other odd mailaways are Omnibots and Ratchet (in white and blue boxes), Gnaw, Dirge, Repugnus, etc, but most of these are actually mailed away in their US box so nothing special. I guess, you could say that Lander and perhaps the Hero Giftset are the more special mailaway pieces.

  3. "Close up of C-311: Grand Maximus MISB. When I asked how much this was, the owner just smiled and said 'you don't want to know', and yeah, I don't really want to know!"

    [insert the theme to "Love Story" and the cries of those who have to give up on getting him MISB being heard]

    1. Don't mind me, HD, that was the most depressing thing I have heard in a very long time. [is standing in a pool of his own tears]

      Which reminds me... I found a MISB (or, at least, I think it is) C-71 Hot Spot for around $100US. Box is around C-8 at a local antique/collector shop. However, the owner has him listed as Ultra Magnus. He also has one of the Airbots MIB/MISB. Do not remember which one, but the box condition does not justify the price, IMHO. I thought I'd give a heads up if you are interested or know anybody interested in him. ^^

    2. hahaha... see my post to Colbey above and you know really how depressing it is. A Jap boxed TF for US$100 does not sound like such a huge ask nowadays. The only issue with combiner team type bots is that people usually want to get the whole set and not just one of them.

      If you see a D-50: Motormaster, I'm sure lots of people (me included) would be interested!

    3. Well... I just found one on eBay. MIB and a fair price. However, the box does not look that great (to me). So I have to assume it is a fair price as he says it is 100% complete.


  4. What's that C-131 going for? complete?

  5. Man, the great looking and beautiful conditioned Dinoking and C-311 are boss. After see your wonderful pics, I suddenly realized that one day by hook or by crook..I will obtain my top grails at the moment which are: - Artfire, Brave Max and Dinoking, Black Zarak. Then I can prob call time on my vintage collecting days for good! I need your humble help, and hope to attain one of the above first. Hey, I gotta start somewhere, right? Or I'll never realize my dream!


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