01 October 2011

Finally....... D-310: Blue Bacchus MIB, whew!

After missing out on many auctions in early 2010, some of which were from Australian sellers when I was there, and another close miss when I was in Japan in February 2011, finally....... D-310: Blue Bacchus MIB, whew!

In a funny sort of way, I managed to get this piece due to Botch emailing Bodhar2000 and myself in the same email, during his awesome adventures in Japan (more awesome then Bill & Teds adventures I tell ya! Go read 'em - Botch in Tokyo Part 1; Part 2; and The Loot). 

So, back to the email. By the by, I asked Bodhar2000 whether he happened to have a MIB Blue Bacchus for sale. 2 days later, he came back and said, 'yes, I do have one for sale'. Whoa. I was over the moon.

So, here it is, Blue Bacchus, sourced from the very land that produced it itself...

D-310: Blue Bacchus MIB
Box = C7.5 (flaw on back)
Toy = C8 (I'd say its C9.5, but there is a peg broken off in the back)

Accessories = complete, but 1 small gun peg broken
Paperworks = complete

Art for the inner shell is awesome

Box art is even more awesome!

How about this? Unobstructed box art!

Back of box. A small pity that there is a fairly large area torn off

The contents. Complete paperworks, but stickers applied.

Close up of contents


The bio card

Out of box. I have been staring and staring at this guy. I think he has one of the best looking Pretender shells among the "Crossformers"/ Mega Pretenders.

Inner robot

Inner robot and outer shell

Upper body close up

Close up of head sculpt. There's just something about the Blue Bacchus head-sculpt and to me is what makes him a clear winner among the Crossformers/ Mega Pretenders. Simply the best head-sculpt among the lot. Menacing, yet mysterious.

D-309: Black Shadow and D-310: Blue Bacchus together

The Space gangstas'


  1. I kick myself everyday for selling Blue Bacchus! You are right, his head/face is fantastic looking. Congrats on your purchase.

  2. Wow, very nice! I've been hunting this guy myself. There can't be too many other Japanese G1 that you don't have by now.

  3. wow! blue bacchus has an amazing face, so unlike all the other pretenders.. he's... a robot :O

  4. Congrats on your acquisition!! Not much left on the 'Want' list now eh? ;)

  5. Thanks guys! Colbey and Jon, glad you agree that the Blue Bacchus head sculpt is just something special! Very nice. Arkvander and Eric, yes, not many left on my want list. In fact, with Blue Bacchus, I have completed Japanese G1 but there are some loose ends (eg: don't have a vintage Stepper, Sixbuilder (sold), Sixliner (sold) and 1 or 2 other loose ends)...

    Still planning what I should do wrt to those loose ends...

  6. simple! fill them up. heh heh heh :)
    but why sell some of them in the first place? :|

  7. Wow, finally! The day has come! Congrats!

  8. Very cool, H_D! Jelly and it looks to be another great aquisition! Grats! am possibily working to get one myself.. muhahaha! :p

  9. Awesome!!!!Bro,will u do review in youtube???

  10. Thanks Botch once more!

    Adam, let me know when you get yours. Hope it's going to be awesome!

    Paul, thanks for the kind words. I don't actually do YouTube reviews, would k ow how to start. Sorry!

  11. @H_D: Possible arriving next months time. ;-)
    cheers man!

  12. I just got Mr Bacchus and I once again really thank you for your pics/blogs. He is one of the coolest pretenders period! Although a crossformer-so not much of a pretender in a sense, but very, very bad ass! His face sculpt does look amazing, maybe it's his large eyes and simple human like look, but def one of the nicest sculpts in the G1 line up, I really like some of the Operation Combination heads too, Sixwings is cool for being a bit unusual, I dig Greatshots chrome face too!! Your Unicron display score is unbelievable man!! Good one!

    1. Glad to be of help dude! Glad that you like his face sculpt too, I think its one of the best out there in terms of the pretenders. Operation Combiner is pretty good too, but then the need for a big massive center armour to combine kind of puts me off.

      Unicron display is wicked! heh

  13. Wow Blue Bacchus has to be the best looking Pretender i've seen! and Pretenders have to be my favorite of Transformers since those are the Transformers i got into in my childhood. But yes i agree, and thats why i love when the Japanese do transformers, they have the best robot faces, that make them seem mysterious and menacing(like Overlord). so i far i have the classics Black Shadow which i love alot(though i wish the scale was bigger), and it seems out-of-place without Blue Bacchus which i would love to see a modern version WITH all the g1 details! hopefully someday a 3rd party would perfect that! but until then i prefer to get an original from the land of the rising sun. im considering getting a junker Crossblades shell to repaint for now...
    Kassander @ amondemon112@yahoo.com

    1. hi Kassander, thanks for dropping by and thanks for writing! This is certainly up there in any list of "Best Pretenders". The colours, face and modes all just work so well. I'm pretty disappointed with the classics Thunderwing and Black Shadow to be honest. For such a key piece, the design lacks complexity and thought, and really, is too small and scrawny.

    2. hey there! im a fan of your blogspot and i enjoyed your interview with tfsource.com and i highly agree about collecting for the right reasons and not about whats in or hip or whatever idw splurges out (actually i truly got back into tf's from the Dreamwave days(how they are dearly missed)and sought out nearly every character featured lol!). so anyways, yeah that Blue Bacchus and packaging is extraordinary! i have a gut instinct that seeing one in person would possess me! with stellar tf's theres magic about them, and this one definately! i really love the character art on the takara boxes, from masterforce to operation combination.
      i have to agree with you on the generations thunderwing/black shadow molds. i have united thunderwing in which i love the colors and that its from don fig's work, but its not doing it for me. im pleased to at least have Black Shadow than not!(surprised Takara didnt do a release of it) it'll suffice until Takara reissues the original along with Blue Bacchus 20 yrs late lol!
      im curious to see your response to the post i recently made on your Combiners blog.


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