06 December 2011

SG Market Watch - one acquisition, Blue Bacchus #2 and seeing double

So I was in Singapore over the weekend. Fly in fly out type of trip, just the 2 days.

As usual, went to CSC on Sunday and looked around.

Took a few pictures of the weekly "flea market", but really not much because "photographs are prohibited". Ah well... here are some shots.

Lots of toys in a cage


A random shop

Some G1s surprisingly - Overlord, Star Saber, Sky Garry... not bad

Some more boxed Japanese G1s and loose G1s

I know right? Not as exciting as Hong Kong. Overall, it was not bad, just didn't manage to take much pictures because I keep getting told "no photos". Why? I don't know.

I picked up 1, yes ONE, lone thing this trip - this, Blood the Dark Warrior upgrade set.

I then went to my brother's place to pick up my second Blue Bacchus, which has been sitting there since late September this year. There is a story behind this, but will save it for later.

D-310: Blue Bacchus #2

This piece is stickers unapplied

Together with Blue Bacchus #1 (on right)

Seeing double....

On the seeing double note, here are 2 more 2 mores that I have snapped awhile back but just not posted...

02 x Goodbye Convoy giftsets (these are #3 (left) and #2 (right))

02 x Goodbye Megatron giftsets

02 x D-307: Overlord MIB (left C9, stickers applied, C6.5 box; right near C10, stickers unapplied, unused)

~ HD


  1. It's kinda funny how it took so long for you to find just one and now you have two! Isn't that always how it happens?

  2. @ Arkvander - yeah, it's like that isn't it. It doesn't just rain, it pours. What's even more ironic is that I actually secured my second piece within days of concluding the deal for my first piece (from Bodhar) cos I was negotiating in parallel.

    Thanks Adam and Andres!

  3. Your photos are always a pleasure to look at. The photo of the reissued Primus by Takara Tomy makes me want one, but I don't have the money right now. I just bought Blood the Dark Warrior upgrade set too. The main problem I have with that is the helmet pops off easily during transformation. Do you have the same problem too?

  4. Heroic_decepticon23 January 2012 at 09:43

    Hi Aaron, I heard the 2010 Primus is quite nice. I don't have one either because I bought the original, with the Unicron head version some years ago. Blood upgrade is great and I have the same issues you have with the helmet popping off, but I think it was meant to allow easy changing of faces. The swords are really awesome huh?

    1. Yes the chrome finish definitely adds a nice touch! I'm guessing if Blood's head was less wobbly the helmet wouldn't pop off often. The upgrade is great, I just wish the skeletal head had better clearance between the shoulders and stability. I fear the helmet might crack or break if I'm not careful.


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