27 December 2011

Review - Headmasters Dino-cassette C-123: Dairu MIB

I first talked about how I acquired this Dino-cassette here - The full story (Part 3) - So rare they ought to be extinct.

Now, it's time to showcase these little gems, one by one. This is the third dino-cassette (aka W-Cassettes), C-123: Dairu (aka Dial).

This is one of my favourite dino-cassettes in terms of the stunning box art and also the dinosaur mode. The transformation and engineering built into this little guy is very very impressive - it has easily the most complex transformation among the 4 dino-cassettes and is very intricate in its design. The transformation from cassette to dinosaur is complex and fun and so is the transformation into its combined form Legout. The teal-green colour scheme of the toy is a little odd, but suitably dino-like. The colour scheme shown on the box art and the box art itself is just stunning. I just cannot decide whether Dairu or Zauru is my favourite dino-cassette - on the one hand there is the intricate complexity of Dairu and on the other hand there is the clean, simple and effective elegance of Zauru. Man, I can't decide! Overall, Dairu gets a rating of 8.5/10.

Dairu bio from TF Wiki:
"Dial (ダイル Dairu) is the Autobots' energy resource scout and a Mini-Cassette. Unfortunately, Dial has a keen curiosity, bringing him to major system failures when investigating sources of energy.
As a member of the W Cassettebot sub-sub-group, he can combine with his partner Saur to form the humanoid robot Legout."

Further information: "Dial is a mini-cassette that transforms into what appears to be a green Iguanodon. He has a good range of articulation with movement at the neck, arms, hips, knees and tail. Two silver chromed "Wave Blasters" plug into the faux cassette tape holes near his neck. In tape mode, he fits into the chest compartment of Blaster or Soundwave (and their retooled reincarnations).

Dial combines with Saur to form the upper body of their combined mode Legout. In this form, Dial's guns form over-shoulder artillery."

C-123: Dairu MIB
Box = C8 (slight tear in front)
Toy = C8.5
Inserts = C8.5
Accessories = complete, C9

(C-123: Dairu, combines with C-124: Zauru to form the robot Legout)

Close up of the beautiful box art

Bottom of box - the tech specs are here

Back of box

Bios for Legout (combined form of Dairu and Zauru) and bio for Dairu

Dairu and Zauru out of box

Dairu out of box - Dairu bio card, instructions and Dairu cassette and 2 weapons in insert tray

Close up of bio card and instructions

Close up of Dairu in cassette mode

With instructions opened

Dairu transformed

According to TF Wiki, Dairu is 'vanishingly rare'. 

I know, it took me ages to acquire it. Here is the quote from TF Wiki: "As one of the vanishingly few toys unique to the Headmasters toy line and something of a tail-ender within the line, Dial and the other three "dino-cassettes" command ridiculous sums on the secondary market. Their actual rarity is questionable, though; similar "exclusive holy grails" Stepper, Artfire, Twincast and Soundblaster were uncommon, but not vanishingly rare, yet still commanded top dollar due to overseas perception (until they got reissued, at any rate). As there appear to be no plans to reproduce these cassettes, their high-price status is unlikely to change."

BEWARE - Dairu has recently been KO-ed (ie: knocked-off / pirated / faked) by a company called KO Toys. Most of the Dairus appearing on eBay, Yahoo Auctions or Yahoo Japan are fakes. To ensure authenticity, do yourself a favour and check out the tips over at High End TFs before dropping loads of cash on what could be a fake / KO-ed Dairu.


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  1. for an 80s TF Dairu really does seem to have a complex transformation! quite a beauty for a cassette TF :)

  2. Yes, it's a beauty... the colour is a little strange... but otherwise, all good!


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