26 December 2011

Japanese Transformers C-60: Pipes MOSC

It is Boxing Day today. 

I present you with a Transformer that has no fists, and thus cannot box, on Boxing Day - Huffer's brother in amour, Pipes!

I grabbed this when I was taking zfeakye around In's Point on 23 December. He was here in HK for holidays with his wife and son and E and I took him to In's Point for some good 'ol family fun - toy shopping!

Really nothing unusual about this Pipes, just that its MOSC and I heard of it being a little rare, but other than that, a pretty standard acquisition.

C-60: Pipes MOSC
Cardback = C7.5, some creasing
Toy = MOSC, C10

Front of packaging. Poor guy looks like he is surrendering to the Decepticons even before you remove him from his package.

Back of Card. Pretty standard 1986 cardback. Pipes is worth 1/2 a robot point.

Close up of front of card box art

Happy Boxing Day!

~ HD

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