29 December 2011

Altogether now - the Dino-cassettes, Gurafi, Noizu, Dairu & Zauru, all together now!

This has been a good year for Transformers collecting for me. Amongst the highlights of this year, I have finally managed to secure the W-cassettes (aka "dino-cassettes") from the 1987 Headmasters series, and before the damnable KOs were released.

I should take this opportunity to mention that my dino-cassettes are the exact set that is featured on TF-1 (as verified through email with Maz himself!)

Over the past 4 days, I have featured each dino-cassette, in its turn, in a dedicated post, each with its individual review. These can be seen here:
Now, I'm going to show them in their full collective glory.

C-121, C-122, C-123, C-124 MIB
Dino-cassettes: Gurafi, Noizu, Dairu and Zauru

Close up of C-121 and C-122

Close up of C-123 and C-124

Contents and bio cards side by side with boxes

Close up of C-121 and C-122

Close up of C-123 and C-124

I love this shot. Laid out with bio cards on top and inserts with cassettes on the bottom. Yum!

C-121: Gurafi out of box and transformed.

C-122: Noizu out of box and transformed.

C-123: Dairu out of box and transformed.

C-124: Zauru out of box and transformed.

Some shots of the dino-cassettes interacting

Gurafi, Noizu, Dairu and Zauru with the Autobot Communicators Blaster (Broadblast) and Twincast.

Twincast in robot mode with the dinos!

Dino-cassettes, attack!

The dino-cassettes are not just dinosaurs, they combine! They are in fact the predecessors of the 1988 combiner cassettes Grand Slam / Raindance and Squarktalk / Beastbox.

Gurafi and Noizu combines to form Decibel!


Dairu and Zauru combine to form Legout!

Given that they don't look as polished as the 1988 combiner cassettes, there is still an undeniable flavour to to them. Here is a shot of Decibel (back) with Legout.

Another shot of Decibel and Legout (back).

Decibel and Legout with Broadblast (Blaster) and Twincast.

Decibel and Legout with one of my all time favourite toys, 'blue' Bluestreak (aka Diaclone blue Fairlady Z).

Decibel and Legout with Bluestreak in robot mode.

They are all here, merry christmas, HD!!! - 38: Broadblast MIB unused, C116: Twincast MIB unused, C-121: Gurafi MIB, C-122: Noizu MIB, C-123: Dairu MIB and C-124: Zauru MIB

... with the Decepticon Communicators Soundwave and Soundblaster...


  1. You really need the Japanese releases of Slugfest and Overkill...but not before I get them!

  2. Don't temp me, sir. I might just decide to fly to Japan over a weekend and solve this issue, for both of us! =)

  3. Been waiting for this post :) great to see the combined modes, but which cassette combiner looked best though?

  4. @ Eric - if you're talking about all the combiner cassettes, I'd vote Slamdance as best looking and coming in second Decibel. Squarkbox and Legout looks odd to me.


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