28 December 2011

Review - Headmaster Dino-cassette C-124: Zauru MIB

I first talked about how I acquired this Dino-cassette here - The full story (Part 3) - So rare they ought to be extinct. These cassettes have also variously been called "W-Cassettes".

Now, it's time to showcase these little gems, one by one. This is the fourth and final one, C-124: Zauru (aka Saur).

Zauru have a nice and pretty symmetrical cassette mode. It's transformation from cassette to dino-mode is simple, elegant and yet effectively achieves the key features of a 'Brontosaurus' (okay Apatosaurus, but I like the misnomer better) - it is really lanky with a long neck and long tail making it the longest cassette transformer. It is not complex like Dairu is, but there is a lot about its simplicity and its quiet colour scheme that makes Zauru mysterious, shy and yet an attractive piece. This guy is easily one of my favourite dino-cassettes - love the box art and the toy is the best all round because it achieves its intended dino mode with its simple yet effective elegance. However, as mentioned previously, I just cannot decide whether Zauru or Dairu is the favourite. Overall, I would rate Zauru 8.5/10.

Zauru bio from TF Wiki:
"Saur (ザウル Zauru) is an Autobot Mini-Cassette, and the most powerful of the four Autobot W Cassettebots, being even stronger in the depths of the ocean. Despite this, he is peaceful and has a fondness for cute squirrels and widdle birdies. He can combine with his partner Dial to form the humanoid robot Legout."

Further information: "Saur is a mini-cassette that transforms into what appears to be a dark blue (nearly black) Apatosaurus. He has a good range of articulation with several points of movement at the neck and tail, as well as hip joints. Two silver 'Cannons Guns' plug into the faux cassette tape holes near his hind legs. 

Saur combines with Dial to form the legs of Legout. His cannons become hip-mounted weapons in this form."

C-124: Zauru MIB
Box = C9.5
Toy = C9
Inserts = C8.5
Accessories = complete, C9

(C-124: Zauru combines with C-123: Dairu into the robot Legout).

Top of box

Close up of the beautiful box art

Bottom of box - the tech specs are here

Back of box

Bios for Legout (combined form of Dairu and Zauru) and bio for Dairu

Dairu and Zauru out of box

Zauru out of box - Zauru bio card, instructions and Zauru cassette and 2 weapons in insert tray

Close up of bio card and instructions

Close up of Zauru in cassette mode

With instructions opened

Zauru transformed

Zauru with blue Bluestreak - colours kind of match huh?

According to TF Wiki, Zauru is 'vanishingly rare'. 

I know, it took me ages to acquire it. Here is the quote from TF Wiki: "As one of the vanishingly few toys unique to the Headmasters toy line and something of a tail-ender within the line, Saur and the other three "dino-cassettes" command ridiculous sums on the secondary market. Their actual rarity is questionable, though; similar "exclusive holy grails" Stepper, Artfire, Twincast and Soundblaster were uncommon, but not vanishingly rare, yet still commanded top dollar due to overseas perception (until they got reissued, at any rate). As there appear to be no plans to reproduce these cassettes, their high-price status is unlikely to change."

BEWARE - Zauru has recently been KO-ed (ie: knocked-off / pirated / faked) by a company called KO Toys. Most of the Zaurus appearing on eBay, Yahoo Auctions or Yahoo Japan are fakes. To ensure authenticity, do yourself a favour and check out the tips over at High End TFs before dropping loads of cash on what could be a fake / KO-ed Zauru.


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  1. Does he balance easily or is he like ravage? Considering that his legs are so close together

  2. "widdle birdies"? His bio doesn't actually say that does it?

    Zauru has always been my favorite of the four. I think he has the best dino mode too.

  3. @ Eric - yes, balances very well, better than Ravage!

    @ Arkvander - TF wiki says that, take with a grain of salt I guess? I agree with you, one of the best Dino modes, simple, yet elegant and effective. Win!


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