07 December 2011

Goodbye Convoy giftset MIB - #2

Here is Goodbye Convoy #2.

It is not a "new" acquisition, but is an item I bought close to 10 months ago when I was skiing in Hokkaido. For one reason or another, I did not have the time to do a proper write up of this gem, but as they say 'better late than never'.

The thing is, Goodbye Convoy #1 was not very satisfying in terms of condition, so I had to go out there and get another one!

Bought Goodbye Convoy #2 from Mandarake in Hokkaido and it is a sweet sweet set.

The box is in C7.5 condition, still not up to my usual C9+ requirement, but owing to its rarity, good enough. Some flap crease. Missing styrofoam insert (which I replaced with the insert from Goodbye Convoy #1 before selling the latter on eBay).

The toys are in sweet C9+ condition with stickers in the same C9+ condition and professionally applied.

Paperworks are all present, including the used sticker sheets and the very rare "goodbye" mail away coupon.

Sadly, this set was, like many others missing the 'Cybertron Heroes' poster - this has seriously been bugging me.

Will let the photos speak for themselves, enjoy!

Some general edge wear, but overall still very glossy and no major flaws on box front

General edge wear

Contents - all paperworks and accessories = 100%

Paperworks and accessories laid out

Close up of paperworks


Alert - still bone white after more than 2 decades



The Goodbye Convoy version crane drone has blue tinted windows

Proof of vintage-ness #1

Proof of vintage-ness #2

Proof of vintage-ness #3


Goodbye Convoy and Megatron!



  1. I have a question, how much is a good price to buy this set? I saw one with the poster and all of the paper work and weapons still on the trees, going for 42000 yen. Is that a decent price?

  2. 42000 yen actually sounds like a good price. I recalled H_D saying he saw goodbye convoys for around 89,000 yen previously.


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