31 July 2011

Korean Contemporary Art - Power of Art Exhibition at Times Square (Causeway Bay)

This is pretty cool.

I was in Times Square today (not in the US, but in Causeway Bay), and saw this exhibition.

It was an Art exhibition by 3 Korean artists - Mioon, Shin Chi-Hyun and Yoo Young-Wun, title the "Korean Contemporary Art: The Power of Art".

Here are some photos.

Art screen

The Queen and Bruce Lee


Some details, these all appear to be made up of shredded paper! (the Korean text can still be seen on the paper)

Elvis "The King". Thought that "The King" should be next to the "The Queen". Oh, well, that's my sense anyway...

Wonder Woman, the only comic character to be featured in this exhibition, ...

... unless this is Spider-Man...

Journey to the West diorama, with Donkey from Shrek as the 'donkey' that carries Tripitaka's things...

Shrek as "Sandy the Monk" from Journey to the West

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  1. Looks like waht Japanese do!, nothing new.


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