07 July 2011

HK Market Watch and and Powermaster Prime and God Ginrai

Some self explanatory G1 acquisitions at unbelievable prices.

  1. G1 Powermaster Optimus Prime MIB, C7 overall - US$51.20
  2. G1 Masterforce God Ginrai giftset MIB (not reissue), C8.5 overall - US$102.70

These are not something that I am dying to obtain, but for the asking prices, pretty hard to resist.

Oh, and this shop I don't often walk past, but stumbled across  appears to have some gem-worthy G1 Japanese vintage stuff...

~ HD


  1. Base from the weekly updates on your market watch, i would consider that HK has a far better G1 offerings than Singapore.

    Like HK has a lot more hobby shops containing vintage G1's

  2. I have a question, where does HK get all of this stuff? I mean I can't find this much stuff anywhere, in that quality in Japan.

  3. @ Michael: HK is definitely far better than SG shops in terms of G1 in today's market. However, that was not really the case back in the Clarke Quay days where SG shops kicked a$$!

    @ gage: Strange as it sounds, HK shop-owners scour Japan for goodies and bring them back to HK for sale. So in answer to your question (strange as it sounds again), HK gets its stuff from Japan!

    As much Japanese Transformers as places like SG, HK or even USA has, Japan has been and is still considered as the "source" of them all...


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