02 July 2011

HK Market Watch - C-328: Victory Saber giftset and D-307: Overlord

Market Watch update to my 26 June 2011 Market Watch article.

I went to my usual G1 toy shop after the 玩具迷珍藏 Show (aka Toy Collectors' Show).

As usual, they didn't fail to disappoint. They have yet again managed to bring in more G1 goodies!!!

So what's new?


  • 01: Optimus Prime MIB
  • C-324: Star Saber MIB (not sure of condition, didn't ask)
  • C-328: Victory Saber giftset (very near C10 box, completely unused)
  • D-307: Overlord MIB (also very near C10 box, completely unused)
  • D-***, which I was so stoked to find and I bought (you won't see it in the photos!)
I looked at it and told E, "Oh my gosh, I must buy that!"

And buy it I did. More to be revealed later.

First, some photos of the 'new' glass display cabinets...


  1. Ooh... I can't wait to see what the new acquisition is! :D

    Those photos, as normal, never cease to amaze HD - One could spend a whole day just gazing upon the wonders behind those glass panels and fill a small swimming pool with drool in the process! :P

  2. Wow... that shop is amazing!!

    Is it me or both grand maximii are gone already? I am surprised to see Fort Max still there.

    And yeah- waiting to see what you bought!

  3. Let me guess bro, you bought a Big powered Giftset?

  4. @ Hursti: Oh, those glass cabinets are pretty good huh. It's the highlight of my visit to that building everytime. New acquisition will be posted on OTCA soon!

    @ gdmetro: There's always a Fort Max there. This is like the 6th or 7th Fort Max this shop has sold since Jan this year. There have like another few in storage and take them out once the one in the window sells. They are always very near C10 and unused. I really wonder how the owner finds them in Japan.

    @ Michael: Good guess, but I didn't buy a Big Powered giftset. I have the individual bot MIB which is the way I want them in, so I'm happy with the trio as of now. But if a set were to turn up, I'd seriously consider it. =)

  5. HD, how reasonable is the price for the Fort Max in the shop? There's a very high chance of me going to Japan and Hong Kong later this year, but I don't want to lug around a Fort Max when I am road travelling in Japan.

  6. Is that a lucky draw black tracks in the bottom left corner of the cabinet in front of the reissue predaking giftset? I'm biased because I really like the mold, but I definitely think that piece is worth considering if the price is good and you don't have one yet :)

  7. @ Roger: it's pretty reasonable in price. Although if you are going to Japan, I suspect your might find Fort Max for even cheaper there! It'd be hard for someone to stay friends with you if you are traveling with them and lugging a fort max around (I'm assuming you know huge large this monkey is).

    @vf1: yes, that is a reissue black tracks lucky draw figure. It's been there for months and is on consignment to the store meaning the price is quite high. I did consider it for a moment, but I don't think I'd want to be paying that sort of money for what is essentially a reissue, notwithstanding it's colour and lucky draw status... That's just me though. Who knows I will change m mind, I'm just that fickle when it comes to transformers....!

  8. Wow H_D shops in HK can bring in the bacon when it matters the most! Love the vintage goodies in display cabinets!

  9. oh yeah, you can say that again!

  10. @H_D: All those 'Bacon' is making me hungryyy! ;o

  11. Plastic crack can't be eaten! heh

  12. where is this shop and shop name?

  13. hey angryjerry, this shop is called Wai Gu Kok (懷古角), in In's Point in Yau Ma Tei. You can see it on the map here http://heroicdecepticon.blogspot.com/p/heroics-toy-shop-locator-guide.html

    However, this post is more than 4 months old, so whatever you see in the photos would have been long gone.


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