20 July 2011

Some (random) acquisitions - Pretenders and pretender guns

Over the last week and a bit, I have randomly acquired some things.

Randomly acquired, but not randomly selected to acquire.

By this I mean that these were things I wanted. I saved the eBay auctions on my watch list and virtually forgot about them until I got a reminder on my iPad or iPhone and then just decided to bid there and then (usually within a hour or so of them ending).

As it turns out, I did win 2 auctions for a group of figures.

From YMT, random ActionMaster picks... Over-Run and Circuit...

eBay auction #1 - Stranglehold with helmet and gun from the UK. I just needed the small orange gun. It's hard to believe how infrequently this comes up on eBay (other than auctions for complete Strangleholds) - pictured in group shot below

eBay auction #2 - Job lot of Pretenders from the UK. For this lot, I was interested in Thunderwing, which is in better condition than mine and more importantly, Longtooth's small grey gun! Again, It's hard to believe how infrequently this comes up on eBay (other than auctions for complete Longtooths).

Longtooth inner robot holding the fabled (small) Longtooth gun and (small) Stranglehold gun!


I might just do some shots of my 'new' Thunderwing and my recently acquired Black Shadow... heh.


  1. See you're getting into pretenders and actionmasters now. Let me know if you need parts or figures as they are common in the USA. I got some few figures to get rid of myself. :p

  2. hey Hotspot, I need a Doubleheader small gun and inner robot and that would complete all my USA Pretenders.

    I'm looking to upgrade Thunderwing inner robot and Crossblades.

    ... and looking for Blue Bacchus to complete my Japanese pretenders...


  3. I love all the stuff you have been getting recently

  4. Finally!! hahahaha Yes it is indeed a pain to find those tiny guns for these Pretenders. Im just lucky I bought mine , with, their guns. Did Circuit come with his Racer armor? or just the figure HD? He's one of the AM Euro Im still after. Great haul!

  5. I've finally managed to check this out HD! :P

    Wow! - Congratulations, not only for finally being able to acquire those annoyingly seldom listed guns (What a relief eh?)but also a very sweet conditioned Thunderwing man! :O

    Looks like a pretty varied lot you won too, ahh... So many figures in that 1 pic alone that I've still yet to acquire :P

    Looking forward to those comparative pics down the track mate. :D

  6. The notifications from the iPhone/iPad app are wonderful. It's helped me spend a lot more money than i ever plan on!

  7. @ Sharky: thanks man. Oh, I have created a link to your blog in my links list!

    @ Liegeprime: Nope, Circuit just came alone... just the figure. I have no idea who this guy is, but thought no harm in buying just the ActionMaster figure (don't like all the random accessories that came with these guys).

    @ Hursti: yeah, its great to finally get the guns. Really, really so difficult to come by. Actually, for some strange reason, the 1989 Pretenders do not pop up often for auction and are usually not complete. It's easier to complete the early G1 'bots than these Pretenders I think.

    @ Puma: yup. The apps are the devil (or a godsent depending on how you look at them.

  8. @H_D: G1 Thunderwing! Nice haul, once more. IMHO the outer-shell mecha for Mega-Pretenders is always a thing of pure art compared to the tiny bots that inhabit it. ;o

  9. @ Adam: I think that among the Mega-Pretenders, I think Crossblades and Vroom were the better molds (although Thunderwing is by far the most popular).

    Interestingly, Vroom is probably the most difficult of the 3 to get complete because it just has so many parts.

  10. @H_D: Imho, somehow I still prefer Pretender Skyhammer more.. :/

  11. Hey HD, You mentioned that this new Thunderwing was in better condition than your current version. Would there be any chance that you would be able to spare a pretender shell for him? Mine's all good, just the outer shell is really nothing to be proud of.

  12. @ Adam: Yup, Skyhammer is another one that is difficult to get complete and unbroken (but he is an "Ultra Pretender" though). Lots of GPS issues with Skyhammer.

    @ Dante: I do have another Thunderwing shell, but its really not in a condition that is even reasonable for a collector. It's heavily yellowed and is something I bought for $5 at a flea market years and years ago. I'm planing to get a modeller to repaint this guy...


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