24 January 2010

MIB journal - Masterforce C308 Doubleclouder MIB

Doubleclouder is one of a number of "Japanese exclusive Transformers" that I am interested in. Unlike say Hydra and Buster, the recoloured scheme for Doubleclouder actually looks good and not like a half-hearted effort.

On top of that, the stickers for this piece is ever so slightly different from the US release Doubledealer. Bought this from the same shop and on the same day I got C302 Carb and C304 Lightfoot from. This was by far one of the best pieces I got that day.

Immaculately nice box, figure and complete set of paperworks.

There are however, 2 aspects where I'm uncertain:
  1. Whether the "Clouder" component (the equivalent of the "Skarr" powermaster component in the US release), originally came with a yellow chest, the exact same colour as Skarr did. The box shows that Clouder should have a bluish chest. However, Transformers Generations and TFU.info shows that the Clouder component has a yellow chest, just like Skarr. I believe this to be the case (since Transformers box photos are not known for their great accuracy), but don't have confirmation at the moment.
  2. Whether Doubleclouder came with a bio-card (like all other Japanese Transformers of that era bar the Victory series, which had their bio-cards as part of their box flap). The shop person (not the owner, cos this is a 8 storey mega store), told me that Doubleclouder did not originally come with a bio-card and that the paperworks were complete. Again, I don't have confirmation on this.
So here it is Doubleclouder.

Figure = C9.5, tight joints, unbroken powermaster mechanism
Stickers = C8.5, sight wear on some stickers, but generally C9
Box = C9
Paperworks = complete (but see 2. above)


  1. Looking at the "bonus" scan you sent me of this guy's box art now. Thanks!

  2. I hope the scan provides enough of a basis to start a "Doubleclouder project". I really like the box art for this guy and am confident that the panel of expert photoshoppers you have are able to free it from the background and eliminate the overlapping text.

    Do you have any idea as to the 2 aspects I'm uncertain of?

  3. Hi, I just came across your site while researching on Doubleclouder, I am not sure whether this helps as this post is long ago, I have no idea the 1st aspect but for the 2nd aspect it does come with a bio card (http://www.cobraislandtoys.com/tf/1988/doubleclouder.html)

  4. @ah_t00t: thanks for the input. I did suspect that Doubleclouder should have come with a bio-card, just haven't checked it out. I have got additional inforre my first question too. Both Doubledealer and Doubleclouder's Skarrs are yellow chested, however, the difference is that Doubledealer's Skarr has a deeper grey engine back pack while Doubleclouder's Skarr has a very near white/light grey engine backpack.


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