09 January 2010

Mandarake - The Rulers of Time

Below is a video clip of one of the Mandarake Stores in Japan. From the sheer number of high quality G1 Transformers MIB in the display cases, it is easy to see why they are indeed "the Rulers of Time", as per their mission statement.

Watch for the following in the video: MISB D93: Mega Zarak, MISB D100: Snapdragon, MISB Springer, MISB Broadside, MISB Hosehead (US box), MISB Chainclaw (US box), MISB Catilla (US box), eHobby exclusive Black and Clear Starscreams, MIB C131: Raiden Giftset, MIB D307: Overlord (mintiest I've seen), MIB D311: Black Zarak, MIB Big Powered Giftset and more...

More Transformer-centric updates with my Japan trip to come.

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