24 January 2010

MIB journal - C304 Lightfoot MIB

Was getting a little sick of hunting down a satisfactory US boxed Getaway by the time I saw this in Tokyo. So I decided to grab C304 Lightfoot which is in, I reckon, a very much better condition than the majority of Getaways on eBay for the price that the store was asking.

The only downside, if I can call it that, is that Lightfoot does not come with any paperworks or instructions. Still, its a fairly straight forward piece and my only demand where this TF is concerned is that it is still white and not yellowed. Other considerations are secondary.

Figure = C9, tight joints, unbroken Powermaster mechanism
Stickers = C7, slightly worn
Box = C7.5, slightly worn, flap crease, no rips


  1. Hey bro! Awesome acquisition.I too just bought an MIB Lightfoot off ebay. complete and in c9 condition too. Luckily for me, its paperworks were still there. Stickers applied but decent box condition overall maybe slightly better than the one you got. Please visit and support my blog, also about Tformers at http://www.wingsabertoyz.blogspot.com


  2. nice site! I see you are also pretty focused on the Movie toys. Your Lightfoot looks very minty as well!

  3. Hey there, thanks for the compliment. Haha, not really a TF movie toy enthusiast...more a vintage junkie at heart! Transformers Victory and God Masterforce wild child! :-D

    But the toys are now going up in value... reaching crazy proportions... I have emailed you for help and kindness in helping me locate some of these vintage gems without paying an arm and leg... hoe you can help a brudder out! Cheers!

    Adam aka WSX


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