17 January 2010

Heroic Decepticon facelift

As can be seen, HeroicDecepticon.com has just had a facelift!

The background colour, font type, fonts and post title colours has been changed to match my EvilAutobot blog site (which has been and still is locked from the public).

The biggest change perhaps, is the change of my "mascot" from Skyfire to Ravage. The predominantly white Skyfire would not work with my new white background.

I had to go in search of another mascot.

I thought about it for awhile and was inspired by the Ravage USB that E recently gave me. Ravage became a clear winner once I factored in how much Ravage meant to me when I was younger and how happy I was when I acquired a MOC Ravage and Rumble set in 2005. Of course, Ravage's colour also made him stand out from the white background.

Ravage is the perfect choice.

So, here it is - the new look HeroicDecepticon.com!


  1. My eyes! It's so bright! However it's very nice, simple and just Transformers.

  2. hello Han,

    thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

    I'm aware its a little bright now. I am hoping to tone it down a little over the weekend. Maybe a little off-whitish shade or something.

    I stopped by your stie. Nice Dinobots!


  3. I should say that I enjoy the new look as well. ;)


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