10 January 2010

The Tokyo Trip - Japan January 2010 "Best Of" Tally

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In the spirit of my February 2008 Singapore Toy Hunt "Best Of" Tally, I'm doing a Japan January 2010 "Best Of" Tally among the below acquisitions:

Most satisfying moment: Finding the time to visit Mandarake Akihabara a second time and Mandarake Nakano, both on my last day in Japan.

Hardest decision to make: Whether or not to purchase the MISB D-100 Snapdragon, one of my favourite toys, from Mandarake in Akihabara. I was thinking over this for days. The price was quite negligible in the greater scheme of things, however, the issue was space. In end, I made the hard decision to pass and not buy this great specimen.

Unexpected find: The entire range of vintage Transformer artbooks.

Favourite buy: This is a hard one between the C-131 Raiden Giftset and the #14 of the TV artbook. If I were to really choose one, I would go for #14 of the TV artbook, which I think is by far rarer than Raiden in any event.

Worst buy: Nope.

Best Bargain: C-131 Raiden Giftset with C9 box, unapplied sticker sheets and generally C9 toys for approximately AU$780. I've seen much worse sets on eBay going for 1.5 to 2 times that amount.

If I could only buy one thing, it would be: Again, this is a hard one between C-131 Raiden Giftset, #14 of the TV artbook and C-434 Hothouse MIB. In this case, #14 of the TV artbook wins out again. I think the reason, for collectors like me, will become apparent once I showcase some of what is contained in this artbook.

Highlight of the trip: was being there in Tokyo! If I had to pick a figure, it'd say the Ravage USB (Ravage being one of my all time favourite G1 characters) which E gave me as a gift. If I were to pick something I bought myself, it'd say C-131 Raiden Giftset; I'm absolutely delighted by this.

This wraps up my Tokyo Trip report. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

~ Heroic Decepticon signing-off for now...

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