09 January 2010

Tokyo - Arkihabara, Shibuya, Nakano and all that

Just got back from Japan.

It was a sweet trip and managed to go to 3 theme parks, do copious amounts of shopping, have good food every meal and acquire a decent amount of Jap exclusive Transformers.

On the way back, Jetstar tried to be cheeky and switched us to a later connecting flight at Gold Coast without consulting or informing us. Went on a righteous rampage and fixed that. Saved 4 hours of transit waiting time at Gold Coast which would have been terrible given how little the airport there has to offer.

Up soon will be reports of some toy shops in the above mentioned areas, my vintage Transformer toy acquisitions and some surprise Transformers related acquisitions on the last day of my trip, which to me, is even more of a highlight than my Raiden Giftset acquisition.

More to come.

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