18 January 2008

Encore Transformers Encore

'Not a reissue Optimus and Megatron, again. Not Starscream... again...' was my reaction to the first wave of Encore figures.

I must have bought every single Optimus Prime /Convoy reissue since the first Takara 01-Convoy reissue in 1999 to New Year Convoy, to TFC #00 and even the disgraceful TRU 'exclusive' reissue whose only saving grace is the inclusion of a grey Roller. I have similarly bought every Megatron reissue since the Takara 16S one. Ditto for Starscream.

It comes as no surprise to myself that I said 'I'm not touching this Encore line with a barge pole'. It's quite unnecessary to add another member to the army of Primes, Megatrons and Starscreams that I already have.

As it were, I still had a particular weakness for Encore 03: Soundwave even though I have the TFC and TRU reissues. Soundwave unlike Prime, Megatron and Starscream, never got reissued in a G1-styled box.

I know, I go weak-kneed in front of all things G1 and Encore Soundwave came in a pretty G1-styled box.

4th Jan '08, HK: Walked around and chanced across Encore Starscream. I decided to buy him because (1) the Decepticon symbols are printed on like for Sunstorm; (2) he had light yellow glass for his cockpit; and (3) the price at HK$200 is quite irresistible.

Starscream became the first of my Encore collection.

Later in the day, I nabbed Encore Ironhide & Ratchet. These 2 are must gets for me because (1) they have not seen a market wide reissue since their eHobby release in 2001 (as seen in this promo poster here, and here); (2) cartoon accurate paper 'heads'; and (3) printed on vehicle stripes that were previously factory applied stickers.

16th Jan '08, HK: Over the last week or so, I became quite taken with the Encore series, probably due to the pretty boxes and the news that Omega Supreme will be one of the upcoming Encore figures. I woke up that morning with an epiphany- I gotta collect the entire Encore line, just like I did for the Takara TFC series.

I went out that day an immediately scored Encore Soundwave at Yau Ma Tei for HK$350 (= SGD$64.47 = USD$44.83).

17th Jan '08, HK: Slightly frustrated that I couldn't also obtain Encore Optims and Megatron the day before because they were all but sold out, I decide to try a new location- Wonderland at Hong Hom.

I was surprised to find Encore Megatron there at HK$380 but with a further discount making the final price HK$323, even cheaper than Encore Soundwave! Grabbed Megs and ran to Mongkok where I chanced upon an Encore Optimus Prime at the very first shop I arrived at.

I bought him massively discounted at HK$430. Encore Primes go for anywhere between HK$480 to HK$600 usually.

And so here it is, the complete Encore series, at the present moment...

Complete Takara Transformers Encore series as of January 2008

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