17 January 2008

[HK toy hunt '08] Optimus Prime & Megatron

Today's acquisitions... Encore!

- Encore 01: Optimus Prime (HK$430 = SGD$78.84 = USD$55.13)
- Encore 02: Megatron (HK$323 = SGD$59.22 = USD$41.41)

- WST Sideswipe (HK$40 = SGD$7.33 = USD$5.13)

Highlight of the Day: Encore Optimus Prime if only because its sold out all over but I managed to find it and at an extremely good price. Among reissue Primes, Encore 01 is uniquely different in that Prime's Autobot symbols are printed on rather than needing to be stickered on.

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