23 January 2008

My place of power

I'm back in my place of power. I'm back in Singapore.

What was previously logistically impossible has now entered the realm of the lucidly possible. I can start to photograph particular toys for articles I've intended to write for this site; I can document, to a certain extent, the main bulk of my TF collection; and I can also help my fellow TF enthusiast Botch scan in the Victory back of box battle scene from my Victory Saber giftset.

Before voraciously hunting down any and every vintage G1 TF I see in Singapore, I thought it nice to do a little 'best of' tally for the HK trip, from which I bought many many TFs.

Most satisfying moment: When the shop-keeper finally decided to sell the 2001 dealer exclusive eHobby promotional poster after initially telling me to take a hike.

Hardest decision made: D-93: Scorponok MIB. It is priced at a point between where I would say either 'yes' or 'no' to a piece in this condition. It took me 3 days to decide.

Unexpected find: This is a tie between (1) the 2001 dealer exclusive eHobby promotional poster; and (2) Takara SCF Act 2. Little did I expect that after a gap of almost 6 years would I come across these fine gems again.

Favourite buy: D-307: Overlord. This was one of the Transformers that 're-awakened' me back in 1999. It is just great to be able to obtain him here at a bargain price, complete and in box.

Worst buy: Hasbro Masterpiece Starscream. Got it on an impulse and at a less than competitive price. I got a feeling I'll be telling myself this more than a couple of times in the following months- 'I shoulda' waited for the Takara G1 coloured MP Starscream release'.

Best bargain: Encore Megatron MISB for HK$323 (= US$41.36). Doesn't get any better than I'd like to think.

If I could only buy one thing, it would be: 2002 New Year Special Convoy- because I promised AR I would get it for him.

Highlight of the trip: D-307: Overlord. For the reasons above.


  1. POWER TO THE MAN!!!!!

  2. Hey, HD!
    BTW, where do u usually go looking for vintage G1s in S'pore?

    I know that there's one or two stores in Far East Plaza.....

  3. Hey Deadpool! I go to the usual places like China Square Central and the Peninsula plaza area. I do go to Far East as well but find that they usually don't have the type of things I'm looking for.

    What about you? Any new places that popped up that I might not know about?

  4. I'm clueless as to where to get vintage G1 figures.

    So far, the only vintage figure I have is G1 Fastlane, which I've kept since young..... All the other G1 ones are reissues.

    BTW, Takashimaya has some of the Takara Beast Wars Reissues. I got the TM-SP DX Optimus and Megatron there.

  5. Hey Deadpool, I'm back in Australia now. Been really great in Singapore and bought a lot of things in between shifting to a new place.

    Shoulda' taken some time to meet up with ya maybe at China Square Central on Sunday but was really really tight for time especially with Chinese New Year and all.

    The strange thing is that I didn't even have time to walk into Takashimaya! damnit...

  6. Oh, by the way, Takashimaya used to have a corner full of older Takara TF stuff such as BW Rampage, Armada Unicron etc etc. It's been shifted off though..... I got a Takara TM Tarantulas there.

  7. Hmmm... I don't usually buy BW stuff but do have 2 pieces of Armada Unicron from way back in 2003. Still, its always quite a joy to check out Takashimaya!


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