04 January 2008

[HK toy hunt '08] Lots of Transformers

Have a few short days in HK before jetting off to Japan. I had to make hay while the sun shone- the result is the acquisition of many Transformers...

Today's haul:
- 2002 New Year Special Convoy (for AR);
- Encore 04: Starscream;
- Encore 05: Ironhide;
- Encore 06: Ratchet;
- Hasbro Masterpiece Starscream
- Bleach Characters Series 05
- Rei Ayanami special edition figure (Kaiyodo, 1999)
- トランスフォ-マ-G1キャラクタ-大全集 (this is a Transformers visual reference guide much like Transformers Generations)

Too many Starscreams!

Today's haul showing Bleach Characters Series 05 and Rei Ayanami exclusive figure from 1999

Transformers visual reference guide - トランスフォ-マ-G1キャラクタ-大全集

I'm happy to have gotten Bleach Characters Series 05 in a sealed box with all 8 figures (some are repeats) still sealed in their individual little boxes. I paid a meager HK$300 (US$38.40) for the box compared to the US$50 to 60 I would have had to pay for 4 out of the 8 figures if I were in Australia and have to order this off eBay.

Highlight of the day: トランスフォ-マ-G1キャラクタ-大全集

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