14 January 2008

[HK toy hunt '08] Oh my god... Master

Holy rusted metal Batman! (yeah, ok, its a cheassy quote)

I just couldn't believe it when I saw it today- a Japanese box MIB Overlord... at an amazingly good price. From my estimation, it is at least 40 to 50% less than what Hong Kong shops were asking for 2 to 3 years ago.

This MIB Overlord is a definite upgrade from my original one (see The Origin Story Chapter II)

The Takara KISS Player Rodimus, bought from the same shop, is similarly an upgrade from my Alternators Rodimus.

MIB Overlord and KISS Player Rodimus

Overlord- complete contents and paperworks

Highlight of the day: It's hard to pick one for today but since I'm such a purist G1 buff, the Highlight of the Day award must go to- D-307 Overlord.


  1. Hi, great hauls you're having this trip so far. I'm just curious how much you paid for Kiss Player Hot Rodimus? Thanks! On your haul posts if you could list out how much you paid (local currency is fine) like you are doing in some of your newer posts, it would be very much appreciated. Also how do you bring all these goodies back home?

  2. Thanks for the kind words =)

    Yeah I noticed that certain days when I buy too many things I omit to put the amount I spent. I would probably do a sum up of the Hong Kong leg's haul, with cost of purchases, in a couple of days just before I leave for Singapore.

    In answer to your first question, KISS Player Rodimus cost HK$1200 (SGD$220.53 = USD$153,75). It's a little expensive in terms of cost but probably a little less than what it's going for on eBay nowadays.


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