09 January 2008

[Japan '08] God Primus (Transformers Generations lucky draw prize)

The only reason I was there was to use the toilet.

After I achieved my 'objective' I walked around the Kinokuniya bookshop. What I saw blew me away, big time. There he was in a glass cabinet, so near yet so far, the grand prize for the Transformers Generations competition in 2004- God Primus!

Equally majestic is another lucky draw grand prize, black Tracks, who was standing right next to God Primus.

I so wanted to buy these 2 figures, for whatever the asking price, but our broken and unintelligible Japanese failed to convince them to part with the figures, which were originally not for sale anyway.

Some pictures for me to drool over...

Display shelf

Black Tracks and God Primus

Black Tracks

God Primus

Close up of God Primus

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